• Emergency Notification System

    Arcadia’s Emergency Notification System, SendWordNow, is used for campus emergency announcements, including weather-related closings or delays.

    • System is for students, staff, and faculty.
    • Text, voicemail and Arcadia e-mail messages sent simultaneously to all recipients enrolled in the system.
    • Notifications sent to Arcadia’s Facebook page and Twitter feed.
    • Recipients reminded automatically to review contact information once a semester.
    • Update your information at any time from any computer or mobile device by going to http://contactinfo.arcadia.edu.
    • Frequently Asked Questions
  • Update and confirm your contact information.
    UPDATE your emergency contact information to ensure you receive TEXTS and CALLS from Arcadia’s Emergency Notification System in the event of an emergency or university closing.

    Emergency Numbers:

    Dial 215-572-2999
    for Public Safety

    Dial 2999 (Campus Phone) for Public Safety

    Dial 911 for local police

    News Sources:   

    Arcadia University Bulletin

    Arcadia University Facebook    Arcadia University Twitter