Graduate Student Orientation

Welcome to Arcadia University and congratulations on being accepted into your graduate program! This orientation page is a place where students can access information and find answers to their questions either before they begin their program or while they are pursuing their degree. If you have any additional questions or concerns, please feel free to contact the Graduate Studies Office by calling 215-572-2925 or by visiting our office in Taylor Hall, Room 105.

Accessing MyArcadia

MyArcadia ( is the University's portal (password-protected Web site for internal use) where students can access information and participate in course activities. Many University Departments have information posted on MyArcadia that includes contact information and links to their webpages on the Arcadia website.

If you have difficulty logging on to MyArcadia, contact GIS User Support at or 215-572-2898.

Accessing Arcadia E-mail

It is important that you check your Arcadia e-mail account as this will be used for all official correspondence from Arcadia University. To do so, please use your username and password to login to MyArcadia. In the Tools module (left-side of the screen) click on "Check E-mail".

If you have difficulty logging on to MyArcadia, contact IT User Support at or 215-572-2898.

Registering for Classes/Self Service

Self-Service gives registered students online access to academic plans, account information, current balance, grades, online registration, and unofficial transcript.

This system allows students to check grades or register online and avoid the lines at the Registrar’s office. Students can also check their balance prior to registration to make sure their account is in good standing and avoid any holds barring registering or viewing grades.

To access Self Service, students can click on or access Self-Service from the Tools menu on MyArcadia.

Registrar’s Office

Through the Registrar’s webpage, students can see the Academic Calendar, request transcripts, access forms, and see which courses are being offered each semester. Approximately a week before classes start, the Graduate Room Assignments page is updated with each class location. Go to the Registrar’s page,, or call 215-572-2100 for more information. 

Campus Map

To access Arcadia’s campus map, visit This Web page will have updated information regarding our current construction project and any how it may affect parking and/or temporary road closures. 


A hangtag is required for all vehicles to park in the designated lots. Bring your vehicle registration card to the Public Safety Office to obtain the hangtag. The Public Safety Office is located in Dilworth Hall on the lower level. For more information about parking lots, fees and regulations, visit

Typically at the beginning of each semester, Public Safety has extended hours and a temporary office on the first floor of Taylor Hall. Students can obtain their parking permits during these extended hours at the Taylor Hall location. 

Photo ID Cards

Every Arcadia student needs a photo ID card. You will be required to present your ID to gain access to campus buildings. Please go to the Public Safety Office to have your picture taken and to obtain your student ID. The Public Safety Office is located in Dilworth Hall on the lower level. 

Typically at the beginning of each semester, Public Safety has extended hours and a temporary office on the first floor of Taylor Hall. Students can have their ID picture taken during these extended hours at the Taylor Hall location. 

Online Classes

Students will see a link for any online courses under the Courses tab on MyArcadia. However, the link will be unavailable until your professor makes it available, which is approximately within a week before the course is scheduled to begin.

If you are taking an online class for the first time, and have specific questions regarding the class, please visit Arcadia Online Frequently Asked Questions at

Graduate Catalog

As a graduate student of the University you should familiarize yourself with the Graduate Catalog. The Graduate Catalog is available online for all students at Please refer to the Catalog for academic policies, processes and forms. If you have questions regarding academic policy, contact your advisor or the Office of Graduate Studies.

Forms for Graduate Students

All of the forms you will need while you are a graduate student have been compiled in one location and can be accessed online at If you have any questions about completing a form please contact your advisor or the Office of Graduate Studies.

Financial Aid

Students who are enrolled in at least 6 graduate credits each academic semester are eligible to apply for financial aid.  For more information on financial aid, please visit the graduate student section of the financial aid website at or call the Office of Financial Aid at 215-572-2980.

Graduate Assistantships

Any student who has been admitted into the graduate program and is taking at least 9 graduate credits in a semester (or 6 credits throughout the summer session) is eligible to apply for a Graduate Assistantship position. Applications are available online at Please attach a neatly typed resume to the application and deliver it to the Graduate Office (Taylor Hall, Room 200).

Applications will be placed in a file for selection by faculty members or administrators. GAs typically work an average of 4 to 8 hours a week during the academic semester. During the 2009-10 academic year, the hourly rate for a GA was $14.29. GAs cannot work more than 32 hours a week at any time. The exact role the individual Graduate Assistant will play depends on the requirements of the specific professor with whom he or she is placed.

If you have specific questions about Graduate Assistant positions at Arcadia, please contact Anne Leonard at 215-572-2929.

Dining Services

Arcadia has several dining options for graduate students who are attending class during the day or in the evening. Please see the Dining Services page on MyArcadia, for current hours for the Dining Hall, The Chat and the Easton Hall Café.  This webpage also provides contact information and a list of FAQs. 

Landman Library

For more information about the Landman Library, please visit their webpage here, or call 215-572-2975. This website will be updated with special hours during semester finals and when the library will be closed due to University holidays. MyArcadia provides access to all library databases. Students can even chat with a reference librarian through Instant Messenger by using the screen name AUReference. To access the online databases, follow the directions below:

  1. Login to MyArcadia (
  2. Click on the Academics tab
  3. In the Landman Library module, click on the library home link
  4. You will be able to search through most of the online databases to find scholarly journal articles that pertain to your online course.
  5. You also may choose to fill out the Inter-Library Loan (ILL) article request link found on the home page.


Graduate Studies

Taylor Hall, Room 105

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8:30 a.m. - 6 p.m.
Friday, 9 a.m. - 5 p.m.

Phone: 215-572-2877

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