Crisis Communications

Communication to members of the Arcadia community: The Emergency Notification System will be used to send e-mail and text messages to all registered users in the event of an incident posing an immediate threat to life safety.

Where to Go for Information During an Emergency

Communications channels for the Arcadia Community to receive updates during an emergency situation include the following:

  • Local media outlets  —Arcadia will send regular updates to the local stations in the Greater Philadelphia area in the event of university closings or serious emergency situations. (ie: NBC 10, ABC6, CBS3, KYW)
  • Arcadia University — Information will be posted via several methods to the Arcadia Community: on the Emergency Information site in the yellow Arcadia Active Alerts box, through Arcadia University e-mail accounts, via the campus phone messaging systems, as well as on MyArcadia Main Page (password-protected portal)
  • Emergency Notification System  Arcadia students and University employees may receive information (emergencies and closings) by text and/or phone message through Arcadia's Emergency Notification System, SendWordNow.
  • News Release RSS feed — Anyone can sign up for the RSS feed and be notified when Arcadia issues a news release.
  • Arcadia Bulletin — Anyone can sign up to receive this weekly e-newsletter about Arcadia University via e-mail.
  • Facebook - Arcadia University Facebook page
  • Twitter — Arcadia University page

Press and Media

During the coordination of emergency response on Arcadia University’s campus, use these simple guidelines for press inquiries:

  • University Communications is the primary contact for all media (reporters, inquiries, interview requests) 
  • During office hours call University Communications at 215-572-2969; after-hours text or call Laura Baldwin, Chief Marketing Communications Officer, cell: 215-847-9403.
  • Updates of emergency information will be posted in the Arcadia Bulletin, and linked from the University website homepage.
  • In the event of a campus emergency, University Communications and Public Safety will designate media parking, and, depending on the situation, issues passes. Contact Arcadia switchboard in an emergency at 215-572-2900.
  • Media must check in and be assigned an Identification Pass to be allowed on campus.
  • Any media members who do not follow these guidelines may be asked to leave the campus.