Steve Bross ’08: Making His Place in the World

Steve BrossTaiwan. Spain. Germany. These are just a few of the places Business Administration major Steve Bross '08 has traveled to since graduating. His overseas journeys are part of his work as a solar industry sales specialist for ENLOG LLC, a position he obtained before graduating thanks to the international and internship experience he gained at Arcadia.

It all started in Italy during the spring of his junior year. Bross spent the semester studying in Umbria, and it was there that he decided to add a minor in Italian to his degree. This decision was instrumental in helping him to obtain his current position since ENLOG requires employees to be multilingual.

When he returned to the States, he soon began an internship at Merrill Lynch. His ambition did not go unnoticed. "My Merrill Lynch adviser saw that I worked hard and turned out quality product, and he wanted to continue to expand my international horizons," says Bross. "He put me in touch with one of his clients, a longtime friend and now my current boss."

At ENLOG, Bross handles the sales of raw materials for solar modules for the Eastern half of the United States, Canada and Taiwan. He's already traveled overseas numerous times and has learned many cultural nuances, including that dinner in Spain starts at 8 p.m. and that fish eyes make a pretty tasty meal. He's discussed the spiritual benefits of tea with a Taiwanese storeowner and heard a German's perspective of World War II. "You cannot read about these things from a book, you have to experience them to really appreciate them," he says.

On a day-to-day basis, he is making his place in the world and expanding upon the international experiences he had as a student. "Traveling has really opened me up to learn more about the world and its different cultures—how we are all so different, but yet so tightly connected that we must rely unknowingly on each other."


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