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2010 Pedro LealPedro Leal ’13

I chose Spain Preview because I speak Portuguese and Spanish, and I knew I would have the opportunity to practice my language skills. I’ve been to England, so I wanted to go somewhere where English isn’t the native language.

The coursework I did before traveling to Spain over spring break on Preview gave me a general basis of knowledge that helped me understand the country and enjoy the tours we took and the sights we saw. Going on walking tours of the city and talking with the tour guides were incredible experiences. I also enjoyed my time with newly made friends, which made the whole trip the best Arcadia experience I’ve had so far.

Spain Preview allowed me to maintain my cosmopolitan mindset and improve my knowledge of international cultures and ways of life. It also helped me appreciate my life a little more, which helps me fulfill my major and be the best that I can be. I plan to return to Spain to spend a semester abroad.

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A distinctively global, integrative and personal learning experience.
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