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2010 Siobhan NicholsSiobhan Nichols ’11

FYSAE inspired me to finish and publish my first novel.

I wrote the majority of my novel while participating in Arcadia’s First Year Study Abroad Experience in Stirling, Scotland. The foreign atmosphere seemed to ignite my creative flair. After going to class, I would rush back to my room because the ideas for my book were just pouring out of me.

The Darling Rebels, which was published by Diversion Press in 2010, tells the story of Charlotte, who belongs to a family that demands a life of propriety and tradition. When she falls for social outcast Jack, she must decide between the boy she loves and her seemingly perfect life.

People seem genuinely shocked that I was under contract at 19. My publishers were certainly stunned, but they gave me the great compliment of saying that my writing was more advanced and mature than many other experienced adult writers whom they have read.

I’m currently working on the sequel to the novel, which I hope to have completed by the end of 2010.

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