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2010 Shawn CammyShawn Cammy ’10

My thesis has already prepared me for my future career plans to become a police officer. I have actually used my thesis as part of an application for a job because the subject of gangs is an important sector of law enforcement.

My senior thesis was on Gang Initiations: A Ritual of Accepted Violence, Victimization, and Power. I chose the topic of gang initiations because the majority of research on gang members is focused on their criminal and deviant behaviors during their membership. Not much attention is paid to the steps before and leading up to life within the gang, making the initiation ritual an ambiguous process.

I did a literature review of different types of studies and articles on my thesis topic. Since not much research out there is on gang initiations, I had to piece together my thesis from a vast amount of different types of research.

Dr. Jonathan Church, Associate Professor of Sociology and Anthropology, helped me with aspects of my thesis in an anthropological and sociological context. This allowed me to broaden my thesis and open it up to other aspects besides the criminal justice side of gangs.

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