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Haoshu Li ’11

A true education isn’t the long list of facts that individuals accumulate over the years. It’s their ability to learn that which they value the most.

My semester at Oxford University in England was the most memorable experience of my adult life. I’ve admired this beautiful and prestigious school since I was a child, and studying at St. Edmund Hall of Oxford University was a dream come true.

As an Actuarial Science major, I was learning primarily how to apply mathematics in financial reality. After two intense classes in pure math and economics, I was inspired to extend myself in the direction of academic research in both areas.

The classes I took at Oxford were rich, in-depth and inspiring. Instead of spending most of my time taking notes from lecturers, I was challenged to learn independently and pursue a deeper understanding of the tutorial topics at all times. When I studied in the Bodleian Library, it was like channeling with great minds of the past. I met some of the most brilliant scholars in mathematics and economics, attended electrifying and illuminating lectures, and went to several great theater productions.

My experiences helped me obtain my current position as a junior catastrophe analyst at Towers Watson’s Reinsurance Division. Though it differs a little from the field of actuarial science, I have thoroughly enjoyed both the work and the environment.

The Arcadia Promise - A distinctively global, integrative and personal learning experience.
A distinctively global, integrative and personal learning experience.
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