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Maria Clarke ’11

At Arcadia. I was able to take my graphic design skills and refine them by learning new techniques and being exposed to different design programs. Most importantly, I learned how to improve how I think about design.

Nothing made me feel more prepared for the real world than on the first day of my internship at Maskar Design in Philadelphia when I saw what the professionals were doing and thought, ‘This is something that I know how to do.’ That, for me, tells me that my education has prepared me well.

My thesis project really challenged me. I built a website, and the whole process taught me a lot of new things such as coding. My “qu!rkecards” website features various e-cards that are meant to be humorous and a little bit strange. I selected e-cards because the research portion of my thesis was on how new technology (the Internet, computers, and mobile devices) have impacted design. Cards are a perfect example of a medium that used to be exclusively print, but now is digital.

I found during my research that 90 percent of the e-cards out there are corny or sappy and rely on too much animation in their design. I wanted my cards to be simple, memorable, but most important of all, funny. The site itself hosts the cards and allows you to view them. It was made initially for a younger audience (think late teen to early 30s) but can be for anyone who enjoys weird humor.

  • Graphic Design Major
  • Anime Club
  • Puro Ritmo
  • Ruth C. Grant Distinguished Achievement
  • Award in the Fine Arts
  • Student Design Group
  • Zumba Club

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