Mediterranean Myths and Monuments:
The Classical World Today

Summer in Athens, Rome & Syracuse (Sicily)

  • Earn 9 credits and study in three modern European cities in 9 weeks.

  • This exclusive study abroad experience is only offered through Arcadia University.

  • You will experience an intensive combination of academics and field study tours of the most significant sites of the Etruscan, Greek, Hellenistic and Roman worlds.

  • Participate in enriching classes in classical archeology to history, art and culture.

Program Contact a Past Participant

Experience, in the words of Edgar Allan Poe, "the glory that was Greece, the grandeur that was Rome!" Explore firsthand, in the words of Cicero, "that illustrious city" of Syracuse (Sicily)! This is a nine-credit, classical-world, summer program in conjunction with our centers in Athens, Rome and Syracuse (Sicily, Italy).

This exclusive study abroad experience provides students of archaeology, art history, or classical studies – or students with an interest in this fascinating part of the ancient and modern world – a unique opportunity.

Participants will study the history, art, culture, and archaeology of the Greek, Roman and Hellenistic worlds. An intensive combination of academics and field study, the program combines various disciplines, periods, and locations to provide a comprehensive picture of the Mediterranean region throughout classical antiquity.

The program takes place over nine weeks in total. Students will spend the first weeks in Athens, travel to Rome for an intensive on-site class, and conclude their studies with a session in Syracuse, Italy, located on the island of Sicily.

While in Athens

Students will begin their summer program in Athens, the center of the classical Greek world, at the Arcadia Athens Center with the 3-credit Monuments Series: Archaeology of Ancient Athens class which provides students with an in-depth understanding of the growth of Athens for 800 BCE to the Roman period. While based around on-site tours of the monuments of Athens, the program also includes visits to the sanctuary of Delphi and the great city of Corinth and other sites. All of these are an important experiential part of the program. Students are housed in apartments in the center of Athens.

While in Rome

Students continue with a program in Rome, the eternal city and center of the Roman world, and a 3-credit class, Monuments Series: Archaeology of Ancient Rome, covering the archaeology of Rome from the late Bronze Age to the time of Constantine, and centered around tours of the most significant sites of Ancient Rome. Student accommodations are in the center of Rome.

While in Sicily

Students conclude their program in Syracuse (Sicily), one of the greatest centers of the Hellenistic world, with a 3-credit class, Monuments Series: Archaeology of Ancient Sicily, which covers the archaeology and history of Greek and Roman Sicily from prehistory to the late Roman period. The Sicily section includes a series of field tours to Agrigento, Piazza Armerina, Morgantina, Taormina, Naxos, Catania, Palermo and various sites in Syracuse. Students are housed in apartments in the heart of the city of Syracuse on the ancient island of Ortigia.

Curriculum Overview

Program Courses (3 Credits each)

IGMM CSAR 301S Monuments Series: Archaeology of Ancient Athens
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IGMM CSAR 302S Monuments Series: Archaeology of Ancient Rome
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IGMM CSAR 303S Monuments Series: Archaeology of Ancient Syracuse (Sicily)
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Co-curricular Experiences
Co-curricular cultural experiences are integrated into the program's structure and are part of the learning experience throughout the program. These include lectures, on site field trips and activities, and experiences that bring into context, in each city, the concept of reception and continuity of the classical past, as well as various social and cultural activities.


Summer program: 9 semester hours of credit.

Admission Requirements

GPA Requirements: 2.75 on a 4.0 scale.

You must be in good academic standing and not on disciplinary probation. You need to submit a complete application, including a transcript, letter of recommendation and advisor's form, before The College of Global Studies will consider your application.

Application Deadline

  • March 31

Space is limited for this program. Apply today to reserve your place!