Summer Study Abroad in Barcelona

  • The Arcadia Center for Catalan, Spanish & Mediterranean Studies is located in the bustling neighborhood of l'Eixample, home to many of Barcelona's most interesting attractions and intriguing architecture

  • The program takes advantage of the rich heritage and history of the region of Catalonia with courses focusing on writing, photography, language and culture.

  • Summer program core and elective courses are taught in English; students also take a Spanish language course.

  • Courses are taught by Arcadia Center faculty.

  • A semester program is also available.


This eight-credit summer program consists of two required courses and one elective. Students take the core course for two credits and a 3-credit Spanish language course, along with their choice of either a photography course or a sports, culture and society course.

Students at the advanced level, who test into a higher level than SPAN 400 at the placement exam administered during orientation, are required to take the 3 credit option MSBC 350S Barcelona Capital of Catalunya: History, Culture and Language, in addition to 3 credits of either a photography course or a sports, culture and society course. Students must register for a minimum of 8 credits to participate in the Arcadia in Barcelona Summer program.

Core Course

BARC MSBC 350S Barcelona Capital of Catalunya: History, Culture and Language (2/3 credits)
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This course is designed for students who are interested in discovering and experiencing the city of Barcelona. We will explore the city both as a capital of Catalunya and as part of Spain. Through guided explorations and tours to emblematical, historical and modern sites, in addition to observations, reflections and other activities, students will understand aspects of Barcelona's history, Catalan culture and Catalan language. At the same time, the contrast between Catalan and Spanish culture, and the co-existence in the city of their respective languages, will be analyzed. Note: this course is available for 3 credits with additional coursework completed.

Spanish Language Courses

BARC SPAN 105S Introductory Spanish
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BARC SPAN 205S Intermediate Spanish
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BARC SPAN 305S Advanced Spanish
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Elective Courses

BARC ARSP 113S Documentary Photography, European & American Voice Compared (3 credits)
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This course will be dedicated to the fundamentals and technique of basic 35 mm color photography. Emphasis will be placed on creative and artistic aspects and the students will use the city of Barcelona to elaborate and explore their own personal expression. The basis will be local architecture and historical elements in context and juxtaposition with its peoples and culture. Activities will include class and field work, discussions, critique sessions, slide viewing, visits to museums, photography collections, foundations and excursions in and around Barcelona. The objective of this course is to advance knowledge and personal skills relating to photography and aesthetic values in general, and to produce an individual portfolio representing personal feelings and visual impressions of Barcelona.

BARC ISCS 310S Sport, Culture and Society in Europe: The Case of Spain (3 credits)
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The main aim of this innovative course is to analyze the key role that sport plays within contemporary European culture, with particular emphasis on the socio-political use of sport in Spain from the Francoist dictatorship through the present. The relations between politics, media and sport are considered as a useful combination for understanding wider social and political themes in Spain and Western Europe such as nationalism, violence and racism as well as universal issues such as internationalism, identity, or globalization.

CreditsContact a Past Participant

Summer program: 8 credits

Admission Requirements

GPA Requirements: 3.0 on a 4.0 scale.

You must be in good academic standing and not on disciplinary probation. You need to submit a complete application including a transcript, letter of recommendation and an advisor's form before your application will be considered.

Application Deadline

  • March 31