The Center for Research and Assessment

The Center for Research and Assessment, the academic division of The College of Global Studies, is the central place in The College for the generation and publication of research and assessment. Managed by the Director of Research and Assessment, David Rudd, the Center provides oversight of many curricular initiatives including Arcadia Atlas™, the Co-Curricular Learning Certificate and Life of the Mind. The Center also provides oversight of The College’s data center, which functions as the centralized clearinghouse for all active and historical data sets.

Arcadia Atlas™ - A New Model for Assessment

Assessment, Teaching, Learning & Scholarship (Atlas™) is an exciting new model for international education developed by The Center for Research and Assessment at The College of Global Studies, under the direction of David Rudd. Click here to learn more.


The Co-Curricular Learning Certificate (CLC)

Co-Curricular Learning CertificateJust as the Arcadia University Official Transcript documents the academic achievement of the student, the Co-Curricular Learning Certificate is a record of the student’s non-academic co-curricular and extra-curricular learning experiences.

As pioneers in the field, The College of Global Studies has developed a series of intentionally introduced, culturally relevant programs, where students are encouraged to develop a deeper understanding of their host cultural environment, to articulate linkages to the global community, as well as to recognize the role of self in a global context.

To read a sampling of extraordinary student submissions, please use this direct link to read CLC's published in Impact Magazine.


Life of the Mind Series

The Life of the Mind is a meta-concept that draws attention to the personal development and emotional learning that is achieved during the international education experience, and then positions that learning in the context of the wider world we all share. Click here to learn more.



Contact Information

David Rudd

David L. Rudd
Director of Research
and Assessment
(215) 517-2522
"Although internationalization has been at the forefront of discussions and planning at universities recently and of the educational discourse for a number of years, study or education abroad has been one of the main components of internationalization. For a number of years education abroad was the single measure of success in internationalization."

Dennis Dutschke
Founding Academic Dean