Dedicating the Year 2011 to the Elements of VITA. Explore the Global Impact of the Elements.

Life of the Mind Series
Dedicating 2011 to The Elements of VITA
(Ventus, Ignis, Terra, Aqua)

  • Explore the role the elements play in the spiritual aspects of the culture of Australia and New Zealand.

  • Consider the global movement for increased sustainability and the need to harness the energy of the elements in Europe.

  • Realize the struggle for natural resources across borders in Africa, from geography to politics.

  • Learn about the commercialization of the elements in Great Britain.

The College of Global Studies will be dedicating the year 2011 to the four elements (air, fire, earth and water) and the scientific and symbolic role they play in all aspects of life. We will consider many topics, such as: the debate over climate change; the elements as catalysts for cultural change; and the natural phenomena of flood, drought, wildfire, volcanic eruption, earthquake and hurricane. As part of our in-depth exploration, we will encourage you to take your own path to discover the elements in relation to your host country.

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