The Elements of VITADiversity of Energy in Scotland



“I've been interested in sustainable farming systems for years now, but have had little chance to actually experience and witness these practices at work. The opportunity to gain a deeper understanding of these types of farming systems and to actually stand inside a fully operational wind turbine was an invaluable one. Thank you for a wonderful and educational weekend!”

-Madalyn Watkins, University of Arkansas Fayetteville student, studying at the University of Glasgow

Wind turbines at Mackies of Scotland


Arcadia University, in partnership with the University of Aberdeen, had the pleasure co-organizing a two-day excursion in Aberdeen for students to explore the topic of Diversity of Energy in Scotland.  By 2020, Scotland plans to operate the world's largest offshore wind farm, providing enough power to energize over a million homes.


  • Students began with an informative lecture and workshop at the University of Aberdeen, given by Dr. Gordon Walkden, Emeritus Professor of Geology. 

  • Meredith Greiling, curator of the Aberdeen Maritime Museum, led a tour around the museum and gave a wide perspective on the maritime social history of Aberdeen, and the development of the oil and gas industry in the North Sea.

  • Mackies of Scotland opened their doors - and ice cream - to students, as they were given a private facility tour by Dr. Maitland Mackie, chairman of the company.  Mackies farm generates 100% of its electricity from its own wind turbines and supports locally produced renewable wind energy.

  • The excursion concluded with a breathtaking evening tour of the Aberdeen Harbour.  The port annually handles up to 5 million tons of cargo for the entire North West of Europe.

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