Arcadia AtlasTM - An Assessment Model

The Arcadia Atlas™ initiative (Assessment, Teaching, Learning & Scholarship) is a comprehensive process that intends to assess all aspects of international education and internationalization. This groundbreaking model shows how international education can be assessed in the same manner as every other aspect of an institution in higher education. It is not just a tool for assessment, but also a way of thinking and vision for international higher education.

Internationalization of Higher Education

International education is at a critical point in its development. Arcadia Atlas™ shifts international education from the periphery to the core of higher education. This shift in priority and approach reflects the reality facing higher education in general today: in order to survive, stay relevant and successfully serve students, institutions must be internationalized in their programming, approach and curricula.

Key Elements

Arcadia Atlas™ gives a conceptual and instructional role to internationalization that is dynamic, intentional, measurable and accountable.

Dynamic: Arcadia Atlas™ positions assessment as more than a singular instrument such as a survey, a rubric, an inventory or a report, or even a particular desired outcome. It is a continual process; a college-wide approach towards a common goal and a dynamic process whereby goals drive outcomes and outcomes then drive goals.

Intentional: The most critical element in the development of any assessment plan is a well-constructed and clearly articulated mission statement from the institution. This establishes the end goal for the educators, as they develop curricula and programming.

Measurable: Three distinctive but interconnected areas are highlighted for specific analysis under Arcadia Atlas™: Assessing Programs, Student Learning and Institutional Effectiveness. Two contrasting countries with a significant program presence, Spain and Scotland, were selected for initial testing of the effectiveness of the Arcadia Atlas™ model and to demonstrate its practical implementation. A full program review schedule is now in place, with three completed to-date: Spain, Scotland, New Zealand.

Accountable: Arcadia Atlas™ aims to align the work of assessment with the standards and outcomes that govern the academic entities of an institution. By adapting the Middle States Standards of Education into 14 Standards of Assessment for international education, Arcadia Atlas™ articulates the activities surrounding education abroad within the language and structure of higher education.


Contact Information

David Rudd

David L. Rudd
Director of Research
and Assessment
(215) 517-2522
"This process will lead the way in redefining the crucial importance and future direction of education abroad and international education through our respective university standards and accreditation requirements."

Dr. Nicolette DeVille Christensen
Vice President, The College of Global Studies at Arcadia University