Santa Clara University
Sydney Internship Program
Social Justice Field Study Trip 

Australia Field Study ExcursionStudents will spend seven days exploring the realities, complexities and experiences of indigenousness within the Australian context.  The study field trip will help build a greater understanding of how communities in small, rural settings of Australia engage with work, with the environment, with each other and with the wider Australian and Oceanic community.  There will be opportunities to engage at multiple levels with representatives of several indigenous  communities through a variety of activities.

As part of the trip, students will spend three days in Fitzroy Crossing, a small town in the Kimberly region of Western Australia. Fitzroy Crossing is a community where a significant portion of the population is composed of indigenous peoples who for several months of the year are cut off by annual flooding of the Fitzroy River creating unique challenges for the local community. 

Arcadia Australia field study excursion Along with time spent with the local communities at Fitzroy Crossing students will visit an Australian ‘station’ or ranch that is based on a vision of sustainability, where students will stay overnight.  Students will return to Broome for a day before flying back to Sydney.

In addition to exploring the city of Broome, you will also have a chance to relax at beautiful Cable Beach, one of Western Australia’s more remote but most beautiful beaches with long stretches of white sand beach, turquoise seas and a palm-fringed coastline.