Study Abroad and Home Campus Policies

The College of Global Studies at Arcadia University is committed to integrity and transparency in its practices and delivery of programs. The university’s Undergraduate Academic Programs Committee regularly reviews all the courses taught overseas in the university’s name. As a member of the Middle States Association of Colleges and Universities, we undergo periodic accreditation reviews that include our international commitments. Members of the Board of Trustees of the university visit one of our program countries every 18 months.

Arcadia University and The College of Global Studies have worked closely with the Forum on Education Abroad since it was founded. We welcome the Forum's newly published Code of Ethics for Education Abroad and are pleased that all of our study abroad programs and practices adhere to these principles.

The College of Global Studies at Arcadia University regularly engages in its own critical review of best practices and procedures as a part of its on-going effort to improving quality and performance. The following topic areas may be of interest to anyone looking for examples of how Arcadia's study abroad and home campus policies are linked, and how, together, they form an important curricular and philosophical core of the institution.

Our Mission Statement

In 2008, Arcadia University celebrates sixty years of offering high-quality study abroad programs and services to students at Arcadia University as well as to students from roughly 350 institutions across the United States who participate on summer, semester, and academic-year programs for full academic credit. Our commitment to supporting our institutional goals of providing global learning opportunities for our students (and for students from other institutions as well) has expanded and deepened over the years.  From the early initiatives in the late 1940’s that sent groups of students to study at the City of London College (now London Metropolitan University), to the current diverse range of international educational activities, Arcadia University continues to ensure that its curriculum, financial aid policies, program offerings, and institutional philosophy deliver an education that is globally informed at every opportunity.

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Commitment to Global Learning

Arcadia University has sought to embed the commitment to graduating globally educated students into every facet of its life as a community. The College of Global Studies at Arcadia University provides over 100 academic programs in 16 overseas destinations as well as international internship opportunities. In a number of academic departments, Arcadia faculty members have identified and included courses undertaken overseas as integral components in the completion of the Arcadia University undergraduate major.  Every freshman has the opportunity to participate on a one-week spring preview program designed to introduce students to possibilities provided by overseas study. These preview programs are supported by faculty and administrative participation and serve to bind the community together in a common goal of commitment to the international enterprise. Every year, faculty members teach a range of unique courses that include an embedded opportunity. For the last five years, Arcadia University has successfully provided an opportunity for first-semester freshman to study abroad in a variety of settings prior to enrollment on the home campus.

Diversity in Programming

Arcadia University and The College of Global Studies have an ongoing philosophy of diversifying their student bodies and providing students with exposure to the range of study abroad opportunities in the industry, in order that its students may choose the programs that best fit their needs.

Program Selection and Approval Process

There are several facets to the process of selecting and approving programs. The Director of International Services at Arcadia University is charged with the approval process for programs for Arcadia students. Arcadia students study abroad on a range of programs. They enroll directly at overseas institutions on approval by the director, through programs offered by approved providers and on those programs offered by the university’s College of Global Studies. 

Arcadia University students who study on programs provided through The College of Global Studies are able to take advantage of all of their institutional aid for this study abroad.

Oversight and Review

Over the years, The College of Global Studies (formerly The Center for Education Abroad) at Arcadia University has committed itself to integrity and transparency in its practices and delivery of programs. The university’s Undergraduate Academic Programs Committee regularly reviews all the courses that are taught overseas in the university’s name.

The Middle States Association of Colleges and Universities regularly reviews our international activities. Members of the Board of Trustees of the University visit one of our destination countries every eighteen months.

Credit Transfer Policy for Study Abroad

Sixty years ago, Arcadia University was active in pioneering the notion that it was possible to “translate” both credits and grades from overseas institutions of higher learning whose degree structures were significantly different from the United States and to reflect the academic experience accurately to the system employed at Arcadia – and to record this information on our transcript. Arcadia continues its commitment to the accurate translation of grades and credits, in a process that creates equity and fairness in credit allocation per academic work. The translation of these credits appears on an Arcadia University transcript, which is issued by our registrar to every student who participates on an Arcadia University study abroad program through The College of Global Studies.

Health and Safety

Arcadia University was one of the first institutions of higher learning to engage in a collaborative national discussion under the auspices of the NAFSA Association of International Educators regarding best practices for health and safety.

Since the mid-90’s, various members of the Arcadia University staff and faculty have continued this tradition, upholding the highest standards in these areas in Arcadia programs, and contributing to national standards in this area. For more information on our Health and Safety Policies and Procedures, visit the links below.

Financial Aid

Scholarships and financial aid are a major part of our commitment to access for all students. Arcadia offers more than 1.5 million dollars in scholarships annually in amounts from $500 to $2,000. A financial aid coordinator is also on-staff to provide help to students who require individual consortium agreements or need Arcadia to process federal financial aid for them. For more information on our Financial Aid practices, visit the links below.