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The full list of course offerings at the Arcadia Sicily Center is below.

All courses with the exception of Italian Language are taught in English.

Semester Courses

Note: Italian Language and Culture Courses

All the Italian Language and Culture courses at the Arcadia Sicily Center explicitly refer to the Common European Framework of Reference For Languages (CEF), which "provides a common basis for the elaboration of language syllabuses, curriculum guidelines, examinations, textbooks etc. across Europe. It describes in a comprehensive way what language learners have to learn and to do in order to use a language for communication and what knowledge and skills they have to develop so as to be able to act effectively" (CEF 1.1).

The CEF also gives special emphasis to the description of the cultural context in which language is set. Thus, our Language and Culture courses are designed to provide instruction and assessment in not just language proficiency but cultural understanding as well. Our aim is to develop student's reading, writing, listening and speaking skills within a cultural frame of reference reflective of the richness of the Italian language and culture.

With the use of authentic resources (films, literature, audio recordings, the Internet, the press) and through some CLIL-based units (Content and Language Integrated Learning) our courses offer a survey on socio-cultural topics such as aspects of Italian geography, contemporary life in Italy, the arts and sciences, social customs and traditions. Our didactics also promotes students' participation in the community and the development of intercultural skills through the conscious comparisons of Italian language and culture with their own.