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St. Anne's College

St. Anne’s College was founded in 1879 with the distinct purpose of offering an education to women who could not otherwise afford to go to university. The College is considered "young," at least by Oxford standards, and now sets itself apart by providing a very down-to-earth, friendly, open-minded and stimulating environment for dedicated young men and women. It is not surprising that St. Anne's attracts students from diverse backgrounds, from Great Britain and around the world.

While you will work hard at St. Anne's, it is a true academic community where tutors take a strong interest in students and are committed to supporting students and helping them realize their potential. While the college is proud of the way students grow intellectually during their time at St. Anne's, they also recognize that student life involves more than just academics alone.  Therefore, tutors and staff encourage students to get involved in the endless spectrum of extracurricular activities available at Oxford.  One Student's View

"I think I can safely say, without exaggeration, that the year I spent at St. Anne's College has been the most memorable, enjoyable and challenging in my life to date. I chose to spend my third year of university abroad at Oxford for the academics because I was interested in studying my favorite writers in their home country. Coming as an English and Violin Performance major from Northwestern University, a mid to large size American university, I was also seeking more individual attention. Boy, did I get it, but I also grew stronger and thrived in the independent, create-your-own-schedule style tutorial system. It has been incredible for my writing (I studied solely English at St Anne's): twice weekly essays pushed me to the limit at first, but they became easier, and my reading and writing skills and speed improved tremendously over the year." 

"The experience, however, went much further beyond academics. St. Anne's, and all the colleges, are about community, and the friendships I built while living in college (very important!) were intense, challenging, lasting, and immensely rewarding. What a supportive group! From going all together to cheer on the college boat teams in Summer Eights, to attending plays, music recitals, and listening to student radio shows, I felt the strength of the bonds between us all."

- Nanette O'Brien, a Northwestern University student who studied at St. Anne’s through Arcadia