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Summer Program Course Enrollment

There are two summer sessions at the Arcadia Center for Italian Studies in Rome. Each summer course is three weeks and is comprised of classroom study and practical field study. Students can choose to complete only Session I or Session II, or attend both.

    Session I

    ROMA RMML 350S At Home in Rome: Modern Life in the Eternal City
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    This course explores the complexities of contemporary Roman life and culture in different neighborhoods of this bustling international city. These experiences will cover the basic language and traditions that define the outdoor, Mediterranean lifestyle in the summer, connecting urban and rural influences, agriculture, food and society, and including field study to a rural setting.

    Session II (choose one of three courses)

    ROMA SOCI 310S Italy: The Economics of Organized Crime and Social Innovation
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    The aim of the course is to bring examples of real-life experience involving organized crime, through the analysis of the Italian economy and political situation, as influenced by the illegitimate hold of organized crime. Students will analyze data, figures and specific events; they will have the chance to meet and discuss with those who fight organized crime everyday and understand that this system affects the economic and institutional life of entire regions.

    ROMA SOLT 310S Stealing Cultural Treasures: Looters, Thieves and Forgers
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    The illicit trafficking of antiquities and cultural objects constitutes one of the most persistent and complex illegal trades in the world. This course explores this murky world and focuses on legal and ethical issues associated with the trade in art and antiquities, restitution and repatriation. You will explore an unusual yet timely approach to art history and heritage management.

    ROMA TAAT 320S Taking it to the Stage: History of Modern Italian Theatre in Theory and Practice
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    This course traces the evolution of Italian theater from commedia dell'arte to contemporary theater-makers and authors. Through the reading of plays, critical essays and secondary sources, students will explore the changing aesthetics of stage-craft across both mainstream theater and experimental productions. The program offers a practical component as students will participate in key aspects of producing a theater festival and working with a touring theater company.

    The first practicum will be at Rome Fringe Festival. The Festival, in collaboration with New York Fringe Festival and SaintLouise Fringe Festival, will run for 3 weeks in the heart of the young and hip neighbourhood of San Lorenzo. More than 50 shows/companies, including some very famous Italian actors and the most talented and up-coming new generation of artists, will create the first ever theatre park in Rome. Students will also learn to analyze the backstage activity required to organize professional theatre festivals and tours. In collaboration with theatre company Teatro delle Albe, directed by world renowned and award-winning director Marco Martinelli.


Please return this form promptly. You will be pre-registered for your selections only when this form is received. It may not be possible to change your selections once in Rome if courses are full. It is your responsibility to make sure that the courses you take abroad will transfer for credit to your home school.

  • You may not change your credit load, but to change your course selection you must have the permission of the Arcadia Center for Italian Studies.

  • Curricular changes in the summer are not common, but do occur. Courses are subject to enrollment. Please choose a viable alternate.

  • Please place an asterisk (*) beside any course you must take in order to participate on the program. We will do our best to accommodate your needs.


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