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Carmelle LeVin

Carmelle LeVin

Director of Australia Operations

Carmelle, who has been with Arcadia University since 1994, brought with her an accomplished and long-established career in teaching and educational administration, with a particular emphasis in multicultural education and issues. Before assuming her position at Arcadia, she worked with a wide variety of public and private institutions, as well as refugee agencies. She worked for some time on issues of accreditation within the higher education sector in Victoria. Her teaching experience in higher education includes faculty posts at RMIT University, Victoria College, University of Melbourne, and Rollins College. She was also responsible for establishing an Australian study abroad program for Bentley College and managed this program for several years.

Additionally, Carmelle has held a series of administrative positions, each of which aimed to help students explore what it means to live in a multicultural environment. These posts have included Co-founder of the Council for Migrant and Multicultural Education for TAFE; manager of the Equal Opportunity Office at Swinburne University of Technology; Assistant Director of the Rollins College Melbourne Program; Co-founder and Deputy Director of Trinity College's Foundation Program (an initiative aimed to increase enrollment of students from Malaysia, Singapore, Brunei, and Indonesia), and Co-founder of Antipodes Study Abroad, an education abroad consultancy organization.

Carmelle has also offered her extensive experience in multicultural education to governmental groups and the media. She has prepared an annotated bibliography of films and videos for the Ethnic Affairs Commission and has developed materials to supplement a mini-series featured on Australia's multicultural television channel. Carmelle earned a Master's of Education Studies at Monash University and completed fieldwork for her thesis in Fiji, where she studied the politics of multicultural education.

For over a decade, Carmelle has worked to develop the programs Arcadia now offers in Australia. She encourages students to enquire and to develop some understanding of Australia's past and present. The program's strong field trip component fosters an understanding of the geographic, social, spiritual, artistic, political and economic contexts of Australia. This in turn provides a foundation for the student's capacity to succeed in the Australian academic environment.

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