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Please contact your program manager at Arcadia if you have any questions about housing. 

Students are guaranteed housing within the Oxford College that has accepted them. All housing is fully integrated with other Oxford students enrolled in the college of acceptance. The availability of meal plans and dining facilities differ between colleges. There are also many restaurants and cafes, both on and off campus, which are available to all students and which operate on a cash basis. Alternatively, all residences also offer limited kitchen facilities for students who wish to prepare some of their own meals; however, dining in the communal halls is a fundamental part of Oxford student life and is strongly encouraged by all colleges.

Formal Halls are special dinners held in the dining halls of each College, typically once per week. They are very popular among visiting students. Students who attend Formal Halls are expected to dress formally and there are centuries-old traditions associated with these events.

Important Note: Housing over vacations is included with the cost of accommodation through Arcadia University. It is likely that your Oxford College will be able to accommodate you over break, but you should not assume that arrangements have been made.  It is possible that you may have to make special arrangements with your college of acceptance to retain your housing over vacation, and you may need to switch rooms between terms.

If you do intend to remain at Oxford over vacations, make sure to get in touch with the Visiting Student Administrator at your college to make arrangements well in advance. Your Oxford college may ask you to pay for housing over break – if so, contact the Arcadia staff in the London Centre who will either pay the invoice on your behalf or will reimburse you for the relevant costs.

Hertford College

Hertford College students are accommodated in student houses alongside matriculated Oxford students. Student rooms are comfortable and have internet access, a telephone line and wash basins and all have access to communal kitchens.

Students can choose to eat at the main dining hall at Hertford College or in the dining hall at Warnock House. Students purchase meals on an a-la-carte basis, and prices are quite reasonable since the meal costs are highly subsidized. You can view sample menus here.


Lady Margaret Hall

All rooms at Lady Margaret Hall are single study bedrooms, and many have ensuite facilities. All rooms have broadband internet connection and are located within a short walk of classroom buildings. Kitchens are available in the residences for student use.

The service most frequently used by undergraduates in meals in the Dining Hall. During full term, breakfast, lunch, and dinner are served Monday to Friday, and dinner is served on Sunday. A variety of food is served, at least three hot dishes are always available, in addition to salads, sandwiches and rolls, snacks, and hot or cold drinks. 

Lady Margaret Hall offers students two meal plan options from which students must choose. Exemptions from participation in the meal plans are rare, and are usually only granted on medical or religious grounds. Students will choose between the plans before they arrive on campus and will be billed directly by Oxford. If desired, students are able to change plans between terms, and any remaining money in a student's account will roll over from one term to the next, and can be refunded at the end of the program (less an administrative fee). These fees are not covered in your accommodation payments to Arcadia and must be submitted to Lady Margaret Hall directly.

The payment system in the Dining Hall is a cashless system. Cash is used to top up your account in advance either as part of the meal plan as listed below or on a 'pay as you go' basis. Transactions are charged to this account as you buy food. Each plan involves a swipe card and operates on a declining balance basis. If needed, more money can easily be added to a student's account via the cash machine in the Porter's Lodge. Meals are served cafeteria-style, and the amount each meal costs depends on the foods selected, although prices are quite reasonable (on-average £2.60 for lunch and £3.90-4.50 for dinner).

Sample menus can be found here.

  • Option A is the most comprehensive and most popular choice, and provides approximately six meals per week, on average. This costs £205 per term, all of which is credited to your account for spending on meals. The majority of undergraduates choose this option.
  • Option B provides no meals per week; the cost goes to formal dinners and special events (which as a member of College you are welcome to attend). This costs £67.30 per term, none of which is credited to your account for meals. However, you may then opt to add cash to your account to use in the Dining Hall on a casual basis.


Mansfield College

Students at Mansfield College are housed in College housing, either in the Ablethorpe Building or the Cowley Road House. Both are within walking distance of College facilities and students in both buildings are fully integrated with Mansfield students. Wi-fi and town amenities are located close to both Ablethorpe and Cowley Road. Students may indicate which of these two residences they prefer, although Mansfield College cannot guarantee placement in any particular housing.

The Ablethorpe Building is located approximately a 15 minute walk from the College building and students are accommodated in single rooms with shared kitchen and bathroom facilities. Computing facilities are available on-site and many town amenities are located nearby. Ablethorpe is the closer of the two residences to the main College buildings.

The Cowley Road House is a modernized Edwardian building, located approximately a 30 minute walk or 10 minute bike ride from the main College buildings. Students are housed in single rooms with shared bathrooms and kitchen facilities. Cowley Road is located very close to many local amenities, including parks, restaurants, pubs, music venues and shopping areas. Most students who are attending Mansfield College for two terms only should expect to be housed at Cowley Road.

Visiting students are not required to purchase a meal plan, however students may purchase meals in the College dining hall at the subsidized student rates. There are also very good kitchen facilities in the residence halls.


St. Anne's College

Students in St Anne's College are housed in single bedrooms. Some housing is en-suite and some rooms have shared bathrooms, and the buildings in which students live vary from very modern to atmospheric Victorian. All housing is within an easy walk of classroom buildings.

St. Anne's College does not offer a prepaid meal plan. However, on campus arrival, students add money to a campus card and use the card on a declining balance basis. There are small kitchens in each residence for student use, but for most meals students are encouraged to eat in the dining hall.


St. Catherine's College

Visiting Students are housed mainly in twin rooms, wherever possible alongside matriculated students. The rooms are provided with bedlinen and regular cleaning service. Each staircase has kitchen facilities available for student use. The fees do not cover any meal allowances. The rooms have connections for telephones and laptops as well as wireless connections, and telephones can be hired from the College.

The College has a Dining Hall which provides delicious and subsidized meals throughout the week. Upon arrival, students add money to a campus card operated by Upay and use the card on a declining balance basis. There are small kitchens in each residence for student use, but for most meals students are encouraged to eat in the dining hall.


St. Edmund Hall

Visiting Students are housed along with other St Edmund Hall undergraduates in college-run accommodation. Typically each student will have a single study bedroom with a washbasin. Kitchen and bathroom facilities are shared. All rooms have telephone and/or Ethernet connections.

St. Edmund Hall provides 38 dinners a term (approximately 5 per week). Students are responsible for the rest of their meals. Students place money on a swipe card and use that card to pay for meals on a declining balance basis. Prices are very reasonable, and breakfasts, cafeteria-style lunches and dinners are all available in the dining hall.