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UCL Housing Information

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University College London (UCL) students can choose from three housing options.

  • UCL Halls of Residence: UCL owned and operated housing with a required meal plan at extra cost

  • UCL Student Houses: UCL owned and operated housing with no meal plans available (self-catered)

  • Arcadia Housing: Self-catered housing owned and operated by Arcadia University

Important Notes

  • All students are guaranteed to receive housing either in UCL accommodation or in Arcadia University student housing.
  • Only academic year students are guaranteed housing in a UCL residence.
  • UCL has many more requests for housing than they can accommodate. They will do their best to house as many students as possible who request it. However, due to space limitations, fall and spring students may not get places in UCL housing.
  • If students cannot be accommodated in UCL housing, they will be assigned to Arcadia University student housing.
  • The UCL accommodation office makes the final housing assignments for all students who are placed in UCL housing.
  • When selecting UCL housing options, it is not possible to request a particular residence; students simply have a choice between catered and self-catered options.


Housing Options

UCL Halls of Residence

  • Students live in single rooms with shared bathrooms
  • Students live amongst degree students from UCL
  • Housing can be a 5-20 minute journey from UCL, depending on placement
  • Catered halls providing breakfast and dinner five days a week
  • Students with special diets (including vegetarians) are advised that these residences may be unsuitable
Meal Plan Surcharge: If you are placed in one of the catered UCL Halls of Residence, there will be a required meal plan. We will bill your home address for the cost of the meal plan after you arrive in London. Please see our fee information page at for the current cost.

UCL Student Houses

  • Students live in single rooms with shared bathrooms
  • Students live amongst degree students from UCL
  • Housing can be a 5-30 minute journey from UCL, depending on placement
  • Some of the houses are large and purpose built, while others are converted private houses
  • No meals are served but kitchen facilities are provided
  • Lunch and dinner are available in college on a pay-as-you-go basis every weekday during term

Arcadia University Student Housing

Students housed in Arcadia Housing may be charged a supplemental housing fee; see for details.

  • Students live amongst other Arcadia students taking part in London-area programs
  • Students will be placed in an Arcadia residence, including Thoresby House, Palace Court and Redcliffe Gardens

Thoresby House

  • Located in Islington, within London’s Zone 1 (the immediate center of the city)
  • UCL is approximately a 15 minute bus ride, a 10 minute journey on the Underground, or a 35-40 minute walk from Thoresby House
  • Angel and Old Street Underground stations are within an 8-minute walk from the house, and there is a bus stop in front of the building
  • Provides accommodation to students in single- and double-bedrooms
  • Each floor has kitchen facilities, a communal area and a bathroom
  • Wired internet access is provided (students should bring an Ethernet cable)

Palace Court

  • Located in the Bayswater section of London
  • Palace Court is approximately a 30 minute commute from UCL
  • Students are accommodated in triple bedrooms
  • Students share kitchen and bathroom facilities on each floor
  • Wireless internet access is provided

Redcliffe Gardens

  • Located in Earl’s Court
  • Redcliffe Gardens is approximately a 35 minute commute from UCL
  • Redcliffe Gardens provides flat-style accommodation for students in single-, double- or triple bedrooms
  • Each flat houses 6-8 students and features a common area, kitchen and bathroom
  • Wireless internet access is provided

Arcadia may need to arrange for student housing in additional venues, based on student numbers. Similar to the three buildings listed above, Arcadia will aim for any additional accommodations to be located in London Transport’s Zone 1 and to be within walking distance of multiple bus routes and London Underground stations. All students should expect to rely on public transportation and should expect a commute of up to 45-60 minutes to class. Please remember that while Arcadia ensures all housing satisfies general standards, there is no way to guarantee uniformity of apartment and room sizes, distance from university, furnishings or facilities.



  • UCL Housing: Linens are provided. UCL housing provides a duvet, pillow, sheet, pillowcase, and duvet cover. Towels are not provided.
  • Arcadia University Housing:  Arcadia will provide a duvet and pillow. Students must provide sheets, pillowcases, towels, washcloths, and a duvet cover.

We recommend students purchase any required linens or towels after arrival in London.


Housing Between Terms

  • Housing is included for the entire program, including any breaks or holidays that fall between the starting and ending dates.

  • Only full year students are eligible for housing over the Christmas holiday.

  • Each student will be responsible for making arrangements with the accommodations officer and for paying the appropriate fees, if necessary. If fees are required, students should submit receipts to Arcadia's London Office for reimbursement.

  • Students may be asked to change rooms over long breaks.

  • If students do not wish to remain in residence over the term breaks, they may be asked to store your belongings. Storage areas will be made available.