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Monash University Housing Information

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Clayton and Caulfield Campuses - Residential Halls

The Halls of Residence at Monash provide an active student living community with special structures in place to support students academically and socially. The halls provide a number of amenities ranging from computer and study rooms to outdoor barbeques. Students also have use of kitchen facilities to prepare meals or can purchase food at the joint dining hall.  Students studying at Caulfield, roughly five miles away, are housed at Clayton and are able to travel between campuses using the free shuttle service provided by the university. Additionally, free shuttle service provides transportation to and from the Brandon Park shopping center each Saturday. 

Deakin Hall

Deakin Hall has a diverse range of residents with over half of the students hailing from Asia. The university’s oldest residential hall, Deakin houses 155 students in spacious single bedrooms. The Hall Society provides many social activities for students including pre-dinner drinks sessions, pasta dinners and coffee nights. (Deakin Hall’s homepage, independent from Monash University can be found at 

Farrer Hall

A very social college, Farrer Hall’s Floor Society organizes many activities and events for its 200 residents including the annual Farrer Ball. Bathroom facilities at Farrer are shared between men and women.

Howitt Hall

A twelve story building, Howitt is the tallest residence on campus. The hall provides accommodation for just under 200 students and the Howitt Hall Society organizes a number of social and sporting activities; popular events include the Hall Olympics and an evening boat cruise Yarra River.

Richardson Hall

Providing accommodation for 180 students, Richardson Hall is divided into apartment areas with single bedrooms for 4 – 6 students as well as a shared bathroom and kitchenette. Larger, communal kitchens are available on each floor. Richardson Hall’s society organizes a number of activities and events for students ranging from inter-hall sports teams to themed dinner nights.  The hall also features an exercise room open around the clock for residents’ use.  

Roberts Hall

With 174 residents from 24 countries, Roberts Hall has an international atmosphere. Students are accommodated in single bedrooms and can take advantage of the wide range of sporting and social activities organized by the Roberts Hall Society. 


Gippsland Campus - Student Residences

Students attending the Gippsland campus in rural Victoria will be accommodated apartments on campus. Arcadia students have traditionally lived in West Houses.      

West Houses

A popular choice for Arcadia students, the West Houses provide private bedrooms for six students in each unit. The houses also feature a fully equipped kitchen, shared bathroom and living room. Students living in the residences have the option of preparing their own meals or purchasing food from the campus cafeteria.

South Units

The South Units provide apartment-style housing for over seventy students in nine-person units. Accommodation options include single-standard and double-large rooms. Each unit features a bathroom, kitchen and laundry facilities.