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Housing Information

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Student Apartments

The Accademia Italiana leases a number of student apartments in central Florence. The staff selects its apartments based on comfort, safety, cleanliness, and convenience. As housing changes from year to year, you should not base your expectations on reports from former students. Facilities will vary from apartment to apartment.


The Basics

Blankets, pillows, sheets, and towels are typically supplied, but we recommend that you purchase a set of your own sheets (standard flat double size), pillowcases, towels and washcloths upon arrival.

All housing will include basic kitchen utensils such as dishes, cutlery, pots, and pans. Some landlords provide extras for our students, such as televisions, phones, dishwashers and clothes washers, but these items should not be expected.

Please remember, there is no way to guarantee uniformity of apartment and room sizes, distance from the school, furnishings, or extra facilities; these are regular residential apartments owned and rented out by individuals.

There is no meal plan option for this program, so please prepare to use the kitchen when possible to save on food costs. The staff of the Accademia Italiana will be happy to help you locate the nearest markets and grocery stores.

Internet access is not guaranteed in the apartments. Students will have access to the internet at the Accademia Italiana's facilities. The Accademia staff will assist students regarding local internet access options during orientation, though the Program Manager will distribute advice via email during the pre-departure process.



Apartments typically house between two and eight students.  Your roommates will typically be other North American students studying at the Accademia Italiana. Students will most often be allocated double rooms, but some apartments may have single and triple rooms.  Roommate requests will be considered only if they are requested in advance and mutual.  All housing and room requests are considered, but not guaranteed. 



All apartments will have kitchen and bathroom facilities. Occasionally, there may also be a lounge area. Bathrooms in Italy typically include a sink, a bidet, and a shower box (without a tub) or a tub with a hand-held showerhead and no curtain. You will quickly learn how not to flood the bathroom! Hot water is regulated by small heaters and, therefore runs out quickly. Apartments are heated during winter, but you should understand that Italian homes are not kept as warm as homes in the U.S. and you might not have control over the temperature or when the heat is turned on/off in your building. Apartments also usually do not have wall-to-wall carpeting and may have only small area rugs or no rugs at all, as Italians clean their floors regularly. Also, be prepared for the fact that apartments in Italy do not have air conditioning.

Apartments, rooms, and storage spaces are considerably smaller and more simply furnished in Italy as compared to the U.S., so please keep this in mind when you’re packing. Requests for specific locations or buildings cannot be accommodated.



You will be responsible for keeping your room clean and laundering your own sheets and towels. (There are usually laundromats within walking distance if you do not have a washer in your apartment). Dryers are not common in Italian homes; therefore, you should expect to line-dry your clothes as the Italians do or to bring your clothes to a laundromat for machine drying (at your expense).

You will also be asked to clean and preserve the general order of bathrooms and common areas and to wash your dishes and clean up after yourself in the kitchen. Apartments will be inspected by Accademia staff during the semester.