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Student Apartments

The Arcadia in Sicily Center will lease a number of student apartments located in Syracuse (Sicily) and within 15-30 minutes' walk of the School. Apartments are evaluated by staff members at the center for cleanliness, safety, comfort, and accessibility. Specific location requests cannot be considered.

Apartments will house between two and eight students. All apartments will have bedrooms, kitchen, and bathroom facilities. Occasionally, there may also be a lounge area. Bathrooms in Italy typically include a sink, a bidet, and a shower box. Hot water is regulated by small heaters and will not allow for long showers. Apartments are heated during winter, but Italian homes are not kept as warm as at homes in the U.S. and you may not have control over the thermostat or when the heat is turned on/off in your building. Utilities, in general, are very expensive; leaving landlords and homeowners particularly wary of overuse. Be prepared for the realization that apartments in Italy do not have air conditioning. However, proper ventilation and stone construction go far in alleviating much of the summer heat.

Fully-stocked kitchens are provided in all apartments. There is no meal plan option for this program, so please prepare to use the kitchen when possible to save on food costs. Our Arcadia staff in Italy and the staff of the center will be happy to help you locate the nearest markets and grocery stores.

Apartments, rooms, and storage spaces are considerably smaller and more simply furnished in Italy as compared to the U.S., so please keep this in mind when you're packing. You will be asked to clean and preserve the general order of bathrooms and common areas and to clean up after yourself in the kitchen.