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Global Leadership at Arcadia in South Africa

Study Abroad in Capetown South Africa with Arcadia UniversityFebruary marked the Global leadership month at Arcadia in South Africa. 

Leadership on a Global Scale – South Africa and her citizens are exploring what that means in 2009. With controversial National Elections scheduled for April 2009 and the FIFA World Cup scheduled for 2010 in South Africa the country is in the global spotlight once again – 15 years after the fall of apartheid.

Arcadia students launched into the debates around leadership with a bang in February.

GoogleA February 4 – Dr Chris Tapscott, Dean of the Faculty of Economic and Management Sciences at University of the Western Cape and a senior advisor to the office of the South African President, delivered a fascinating lecture about the impact of the past on the future of political leadership and policy in South Africa.
GoogleB February 7 –Iziko Museum of South Africa hosted a presentation on sport, society, and the 2010 World Cup. Students had the opportunity to learn about the impact and potential on tourism and society that the World Cup may bring to bear on South Africa from a senior ANC Minister in the Western Cape, Mr. Cameron Dugmore.
GoogleC February 11 – Arcadia students had the exclusive opportunity to visit Parliament on the day the 2009 Budget Speech was delivered by Finance Minister, Trevor Manuel.  Arcadia students met in Parliamentary Committee Chambers with the Honourable Yunus Carim, MP and Chair of the Justice Committee, a senior ANC member slated to become the next Minister of Justice for South Africa.  Chairman Carrim was joined by Hon. Bulelani Magwanishe, MP, ANC Deputy Chief Whip in Parliament and Hon. Peter Hendrickse, MP. They presented their views on issues to students and answered student questions about leadership, politics, service delivery, justice and the state of South Africa in a 90-minute session. 
GoogleD February 18 – The Core Course traveled to the township of Khayelitsha for a meeting with the Director of theTreatment Action Campaign (TAC) Office serving Khayelitsha.  The TAC has gained international attention for its successful fight for anti-retroviral drugs and the rights of South Africans living with HIV and AIDS.  Mr. Mandla Majolo, who has hosted Bono and President Obama, explained to our students what it means to be a citizen activist in the fight against HIV/AIDS and violence against women in South Africa.  The students learned how all global citizens can become leaders with one simple act – getting tested for HIV and knowing personal status.
GoogleE February 25 – Without a successful education system, South Africa will not be able to cultivate political or civic leaders, nor will the country be able to assume its leadership position on the world stage.  Education is most critical for children of the formerly disadvantaged communities in South Africa, but it is precisely in these communities where students struggle the most to pass their national matriculation exams.  Lack of resources, few qualified teachers, poverty, and HIV/AIDS are having a devastating effect.  “Testing Hope” is a documentary film following the lives of four high school seniors through their matriculation exams.  Arcadia students had the privilege to view the film with the film’s director and producer, Ms. Molly Blank, and to discuss the impact of education in South Africa and leadership questions that bear on that.


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