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University of Sussex Housing Information

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Housing Preference Form

Please complete the online housing form on your Arcadia Passport. Please contact The College of Global Studies at 1-866-927-2234 if you have any questions about housing options or housing fees.


University of Sussex guarantees accommodation for students in university-managed housing, either on- or off-campus. All residences have single or double rooms. Students attending spring programs may have fewer housing options since assignments are based on room availability after the fall term or fall semester. All accommodation at the University of Sussex is self-catered, meaning that no meal plan is offered. If you do not wish to cook, you may use the wide range of dining facilities at the University on a pay-as-you-eat basis. University regulations require that you contract to remain in your assigned housing for the full duration of your program.

Housing Descriptions

An online housing guide can be found at:

University of Sussex housing options include:

  1. Park Houses: There are four Park Houses (Norwich, York, Lancaster and Kent). Each houses approximately 126 students in single study bedrooms. Kitchens are shared between approximately 12 students and each house has its own laundry rooms and television room.
  2. Park Village: Park Village consists of adjoining three story houses which are laid out to create a quad-like effect. Each house consists of 12 single study bedrooms, two kitchens and bath, shower and toilet facilities. The Village consists of 552 undergraduate single study bedrooms. There is also a social center which houses the manager's office, the porter's lodge, a television room and a student bar.
  3. East Slope: The 574 undergraduate rooms comprising East Slope are designed primarily for groups of 6-12 students. Most rooms are single; however, there are some shared rooms. All the flats have a kitchen/dining room, shower and toilet facilities. There is also a social center which houses the manager, the porter and a student bar.
  4. Lewes Court: Located next to Park Village, this three story residence consists of 505 bed spaces of fully furnished accommodation. Some of the flats have been specially designed for disabled students. Each flat has its own shared kitchen/dining room and bath, shower and toilet facilities. All bedrooms are singles.
  5. University Residences in Brighton and Hove: The University owns a number of properties in Brighton and Hove which are 10-15 minutes by train from the University campus plus a walk to the train station. The house in Hove is a former hotel and services 300 undergraduate and graduate rooms. All of the off campus properties have communal kitchens and bathroom facilities.

All kitchens are equipped with stoves, refrigerators and cabinets for food storage. You will need to provide crockery, dishes and kitchen utensils. These may be purchased inexpensively in Brighton.


University of Sussex provides a telephone in each on-campus room, which can be connected by the student via Keycom, the operating company. All on-campus residences also offer a broadband-type internet connection via the University’s network. In addition, students are well served by Sussex’s computer lab facilities.

Linens and Laundry

Upon arrival, all students should rent a bedding pack from the University of Sussex. Sheets, blanket, pillow and pillowcase are included in a bedding pack. The cost is approximately £10 to rent per term. You should submit a receipt to our London office for reimbursement. You must supply your own towels.

If you would like to remain in residence during part or all of a long break, the cost will be covered by Arcadia University. Only full year students are eligible for housing over the winter holiday. You will be responsible for making your own arrangements with the accommodations officer and for paying the appropriate fees. You may then submit your receipt to Arcadia’s London office for reimbursement. You may be asked to change rooms. If you do not wish to remain in residence over the term break, you may be asked to store your belongings. Storage areas will be available to you.