Dedicating 2010 to Sports, Culture and Context

Life of the Mind Series
Dedicating 2010 to Sports, Culture & Context


We are dedicating the year to the significant role that sports play in creating individual and cultural identity.

With the World Cup in South Africa and the 2012 Olympic Games in London serving as a backdrop, we’ll examine the economic and political effects of hosting a large, international sporting event as well as the development and impact of regional and national identities, the commercialism, the hero-creation, and the unifying and polarizing dichotomous effects of team.

Highlighted Experiences

We’ll highlight unique, cultural games and the importance they have to one’s identity. Click on the countries below to find out more!

Other 2010 Tentative Events Worldwide


  • Recommended Media—books and films
  • Pre-departure emphasis on sport
  • Introduction to unique in-country sports
  • Quick Glance Guide to the FIFA World Cup in South Africa—rules, teams, tournament
  • UK football—the teams and their locale
  • NZ hosting Rugby World Cup 2011
  • Co-Curricular Programming, Events, and Connections within the community

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