Life of the Mind Series

Rhythms of the World

2013: Rhythms of the World [Learn More]
This year’s theme is Rhythms of the World - a focus on music around the world and its influence and contributions to society and culture.


Each year, Arcadia staff and faculty select a common theme to connect all of our programs around the world and the learning experiences that our students will go through. These themes are known as Life of Mind series.

  • Through theme-related activities, discussion groups and lectures, Arcadia study abroad students will gain valuable time for engagement and reflection.

  • Students will look below the surface of daily life and gain a more nuanced understanding of their host community, the wider international community and their own place in it.

  • By expanding their global awareness, students discover ways to take on their own challenges, and those of the world, in a brand new way.
"It is our responsibility to make it possible for our emerging leaders to better understand the world we share, and to engage others to do so, before we start trying to change it."

- Nicolette DeVille Christensen, M.B.A., Ph.D., President, Arcadia University