Student Travel Information Spain

Understanding Your Options

Arcadia University attempts to make your travel overseas as easy and affordable as possible. All students are responsible for arranging and purchasing their own flight.

Additionally, all students are required to in be attendance for the beginning of their Arcadia orientation, which coincides with the posted program arrival date.

In order to connect you with Arcadia in-country staff on the program arrival date, you will need to be aware of the arrival instructions below. If you have any questions about booking your overseas travel, please contact Arcadia’s Logistics Manager, Rich Conroy, at

Individual Travel: Arcadia in-country staff will be on hand at designated times on the program arrival date to assist students arriving independently.

Meeting Up with Staff: Please refer to the “What to Expect when I Arrive" section for the time and location of the Arcadia staff airport pick-up.

Joining Up with the Group: When available, students arriving just prior to the group flight arrival time are welcome to join the Arcadia staff airport pick-up.

Arriving Prior to Scheduled Arrival Date/Arriving Late: Students arriving on an earlier date or later than the designated staff pick-up times on the scheduled arrival day will be responsible for their own transportation to the orientation venue or program.

Review Your Program Dates

Please visit the Arcadia program calendar page to review your scheduled arrival date before booking your travel.

What to Expect When I Arrive in Spain?

Please choose your semester and Program to view arrival details.

Arcadia in Barcelona
Fall Semester
Spring Semester
Summer Program

Arcadia in Mallorca
Summer Program

Fundación José Ortega y Gasset, Toledo
Fall Semester
Spring Semester
Summer Program

Arcadia in Granada
Fall Semester
Spring Semester
Summer Program

Booking Your Travel

Student Universe
  • Arcadia University partners with Student Universe to provide discounted student fares on designated Group Flights, on suggested available flights, or on individual student bookings.

  • To book your travel, please visit the Student Universe/Arcadia website and choose your appropriate country and program.

Advantages of Working with Student Universe

High Level of Support
  • Opportunity to consult with Arcadia staff and Student Universe agents familiar with our programs and destinations.
  • Knowledgeable check-in assistance at airport for large group departures
  • 24/7 Call Center

Additional Benefits

  • Low Student Airfare - Competitive group and individual rates
  • Date Change Flexibility - Don’t get stuck with a unchangeable & nonrefundable ticket from another booking website
  • Limited Additional Fees - Arcadia & Student Universe partner to keep cost to a minimum
  • Comprehensive Booking - Ability to book one ticket from departure to destination, limiting baggage hassles during connections

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