Study Music Abroad with Arcadia University

Study Music Abroad

Arcadia's programs abroad offer you an insider's view to a new culture. They provide opportunities to discover and engage in music, and to learn about national performing styles. You can also complete important research, or gain valuable work experience through an internship. An extensive selection of courses, as well as studio and performance opportunities, are available in conjunction with some of the world’s most prestigious universities. For more information, please consult our program finder or contact a program manager.

Programs that are blue and marked with a star * are highlighted programs

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Australian National University 
Griffith University- Queensland Conservatorium of Music*
James Cook University
Macquarie University
Monash University
Queensland University of Technology
Sydney Internship
University of Queensland
University of New South Wales 
University of Sydney
University of Technology Sydney*
University of Western Australia
University of Wollongong  
Victorian College of the Arts and Music 

City University
Durham University
Goldsmiths College 
King's College 
Lancaster University
London Internship
London Now
Oxford University 
Royal Holloway* 
University of Cambridge 
University of Manchester 
University of Nottingham 
University of Sussex
University of Westminster
University of York    

National University of Ireland, Maynooth
Queens University, Belfast
Trinity College Dublin
University College Cork* 
University College Dublin
University of Ulster 

New Zealand
University of Auckland 
University of Canterbury*
University of Otago 
Victoria University of Wellington 

University of Aberdeen
University of Edinburgh
University of Glasgow* 

South Africa
University of Cape Town*   
University of Stellenbosch 

University of Granada 

Bangor University