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FBI Identification Record and Background Check

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Obtaining the FBI Identification Record

The Greek Consulate will require students to secure an FBI Identification Record. This process can take up to 13 weeks and should be requested as early as possible.

  • Directions for obtaining a Federal Bureau of Investigation Identification Record can be found on the following website:

  • Arcadia strongly recommends students send their request via US Post Express Mail, for expediency and tracking purposes. Be certain to save your tracking information. Have yourself fingerprinted at your local police station.

  • Please indicate a “date needed by” (varies depending on submission date) both on your FBI Identification Record request and on the outside of the envelope and mail this with your fingerprints and money order or credit card request to the FBI as directed on their website instructions.

  • It is strongly recommended you send your request via US Post Express Mail or UPS, so you are able to track your letter and confirm when it arrived to the FBI. Be certain to save this tracking information.