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Greece Visa Information
Items to Submit to the Greek Consulate

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Items to Submit Along with Your Visa Application

Arcadia will provide:

  1. Your Nomarchia document (issued by the authorities in Athens)
  2. An original certification letter confirming enrollment (from the Arcadia center in Athens)
  3. An original certification letter from Arcadia Univ. in Pennsylvania, verifying enrollment
  4. HTH health insurance verification

You will provide:

A completed Schengen Visa Application (for directions click here).

  1. Original passport and photocopy of photo page
  2. Two (2) recent color passport pictures
  3. Original doctor’s letter with information as outlined on Step 4
  4. The original FBI Identification Record as outlined on Step 5
  5. A set of official fingerprints take at a local law enforcement agency.
  6. A copy of your parent’s recent bank and credit card statements
  7. A copy of your parent’s current W2 forms for the last two years.
  8. A copy of your travel itinerary with departure and return dates
  9. Visa Fee: The cost of the student visa may vary – Please check with your consulate. Generally, payments are only accepted as cash or money order.
  10. Please confirm with your consulate, the proper method of returning your passport/visa to you.
  11. You may need to provide a return mailer such as  a US Postal Express mailer or UPS letter – be sure it is acceptable to the consulate and can be tracked.


Once all these documents are processed by your consulate, your passport will be returned with the visa affixed to one of the pages.