Comprehensive Study Abroad Guidance

There are many ways to study abroad, why choose Arcadia for study abroad? One reason is the comprehensive guidance that our experienced staff in the US and abroad provides throughout the study abroad experience.

Before You Study Abroad

Assistant Directors

Our expertise starts with our assistant directors who live throughout the US and visit campuses to speak with advisors, faculty members, administrators, and students. They can provide general guidance on our programs, study abroad procedures, and updates on what is happening at Arcadia.

Program Managers

Program managers are based at Arcadia University and provide specific details about programs including course restrictions, registration processes, housing, credit translation, and academic calendars. They’re just an e-mail or toll-free phone call away and are able to help at any stage of the study abroad process, whether it is choosing a program, or answering questions about how to prepare for a study abroad experience. 

Once an application is sent to Arcadia, program managers are in regular contact  with students about the status of the application. They also send out extensive pre-departure information including newsletters, forms, and visa information


During Your Study Abroad Experience

Overseas Staff

Once you arrive overseas, you will meet yet another group of people who are dedicated to making sure you get the most out of your study abroad experience. Our overseas staff provide in-depth orientation programs, extra-curricular activities designed to enhance your understanding of the culture in which you are studying, academic support, and health and safety information


After You Return from Study Abroad

Once you arrive back home, we will still be available:

We are committed to supporting you throughout the process so that you can focus on the academic and cultural learning that takes place while abroad, maximizing the value of the experience for you.