Study Abroad Program Assessment and Evaluation

In addition to the work of the National Advisory Board members conducted during the annual site visits, the Vice President of The College of Global Studies at Arcadia University appointed a sub-committee to develop a standardized approach to assessment and review of each of Arcadia's study abroad programs and to work in collaboration with other Board member institutions to develop a body of research regarding assessment that would be of value to the field. The work of the committee is on-going and to date has developed a survey instrument to be utilized by students before they participate on an Arcadia study abroad program, while they are overseas, and once they return back home. Both the pre-departure survey and the post-orientation survey are available on-line. These initial survey instruments are the first in a series of steps designed to look at the impact of study abroad on the individual student with a view to improving, re-structuring and designing the study abroad programs of the future.

If you have questions regarding the work of this committee, please contact David Rudd, Chair of the Committee.

Director of Research and Assessment

David Rudd, Director of AssessmentDavid Rudd is Director of Research and Assessment. Dave takes  the lead in analyzing data for student and program trends, student performance, academic assessments and research and evaluations. He is involved in strategy and planning as we take on new projects and program development and works closely with Dr. Dennis Dutschke, Dean of Studies. In addition, Dave works with our Institutional Relations team on data analysis for enrollment management.