Study Abroad in New Zealand with Arcadia University

New Zealand Housing Information

Absolutely Essential Information

As a participant on an Arcadia University program, you are guaranteed housing. Your program fee includes accommodation, but does not include costs for meals or meal plans. If your housing assignment includes a meal plan, this cost will be billed separately to your student account after you arrive in New Zealand.

Arcadia University's priority is to accommodate you in a place that will support your studies and enable you to experience the local culture. Whenever possible, Arcadia strives to accommodate you with local students. Accommodation is selected by Arcadia University based on these factors, in addition to considering safety, security and cost. For these reasons, Arcadia reserves the right to alter or change accommodation options at any time.

If you require accommodations for any special needs—including dietary, medical or physical—you should indicate this on your Housing Preference Form. Any information will be treated as confidential and will only be shared with those individuals involved in your housing placement.

To indicate your housing preferences, submit them using your Arcadia Passport. Before completing this form, you should review the information below as well as the Arcadia University Housing Policy located in the Student Handbook

While students are welcome to submit one roommate request, please keep in mind that Arcadia students are usually separated to allow them the opportunity to meet students from different programs and parts of the world. Additionally, even though flats (apartments) are shared among several students, most bedrooms are singles. If you still want to request a roommate, requests must be mutually submitted on your housing form. While we will work to honor your housing preferences and roommate requests, specific assignments cannot be guaranteed.


Housing Deadlines

In order to consider your preferences, Arcadia must receive your Housing Preferences by the housing deadline listed below. If they are not received before the housing deadline, you will automatically be assigned to available program accommodation. If you have any questions about completing the form, contact your Program Manager.

  • Semester 1 (U.S. Spring): November 20
  • Semester 2 (U.S. Fall): April 15


Housing Options

Student Apartments and Flats

Student apartments or flats—whether on- or off-campus—afford a high degree of independence. In most cases, you will prepare your own meals and should be prepared for a commute to campus. You should review the individual websites for more information on specific amenities and services.

  • Residential Colleges and Halls

  • Residential Colleges and Halls provide a unique living community—complete with tutoring programs, sports teams and many other services, activities and clubs. If you are interested in applying for accommodation in a college or hall, it is important that you review their individual websites—including any information on what is expected of residents. When completing your housing forms, you are also encouraged to present yourself in a manner that emphasizes your potential contributions to the college community and explain why you would like to be a part of it. PLEASE NOTE: Spaces in Residential Colleges in New Zealand are very limited, and aren't always available to study abroad students. If you think you are interested in this option, contact the Program Manager and plan to apply early.

  • Independent Living

  • Arcadia University encourages students to live in housing sponsored by the host university or provided by Arcadia. Although housing is guaranteed for students participating on Arcadia programs, you have the option to petition to decline this service and find your own independent accommodation. If you decide to do so, please notify your program manager to speak about your options, and submit a written request to live apart from Arcadia-arranged housing. We ask that you make this request as soon as possible so the appropriate approval process can be completed. If you fail to complete this process before the appropriate housing deadline listed above you will be subject to penalty fees in accordance with the Arcadia University Housing Policy. Students living independent of Arcadia provided housing assume any risks associated.


Very Important Additional Points

  • Every room is different and unique and, while Arcadia ensures that all rooms satisfy general standards, there is no way to guarantee uniformity of apartment and room sizes, distance from your university, furnishings or facilities.

  • Rooms in New Zealand are singles across all housing options, with only a few exceptions where noted. It is common practice in New Zealand for males and females to be housed in a flat (apartment or house) with shared common space (kitchen, living room and bathroom). Any twin bedrooms are same-gender. If you require the entire flat to be all-male or all-female, please indicate this on your housing form and we will do our best to accommodate your request. Please note that single-sex flats may require you to be more flexible with your accommodation options and location.

  • New Zealand is an environmentally friendly country and air-conditioning and central heating are not standard in a typical residence. If your housing does not feature these amenities, remember that it will take some time to adjust to the climate.

  • Internet access will vary depending upon your housing venue; for details on any fees or quota allowances, you should review the websites below. In some venues—particularly student apartments—you will be responsible for costs to establish and maintain internet and telephone service.

  • As an Arcadia program participant, housing will remain available to you during the semester, including breaks. However, accommodation is not included once the semester has ended. If you are considering staying in New Zealand between semesters and would like information on extending your housing, you should speak with Arcadia staff in New Zealand after arriving about availability and additional costs for this service.

  • If your housing venue does not provide bed linens, Arcadia staff will be able to direct you accordingly after you arrive. As packing space is limited, bringing these materials is not recommended.

  • Arcadia reserves the right to alter or change accommodation options at any time should circumstances warrant.


Program Specific Housing Options