STEM Study Abroad Programs

How-to Study Abroad with four steps!

STEM - Step 1

The most important element for study abroad in STEM fields is planning. For semester-length study or longer, begin the process early. Many institutions have specific curricular requirements that must be fulfilled while you are overseas. Shorter-term programs can normally be undertaken in addition to your specific major requirements and therefore afford more flexibility in your academic plans.

STEM - Step 2Talk to your academic advisor, your departmental faculty and your study abroad office administrators about courses you will need to take while you're away and credit transfer protocols. Be in touch with Arcadia about what you would like to study, and we'll work within your home institutional guidelines to help you select an appropriate academic or research opportunity.
STEM - Step 3When you're ready to apply, complete our online application. Some programs require additional materials or statements, and our team of program managers and enrollment counselors will let you know of further items you should submit.
STEM - Step 4Once you receive an application decision, get ready for the experience of a lifetime! Our team of Program Managers and Enrollment Counselors will provide resources and guidance for your upcoming experience. We offer comprehensive predeparture information and support from our international staff throughout your time abroad.