Study Abroad in Mallorca

Study Abroad in Mallorca, Spain
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This unique semester program aims to provide you with a solid understanding of the tourism industry, from the management and hospitality perspectives. You will take up to 16 credits - three electives plus an internship and capstone project at tourism establishments, ranging from hotels to tourism agencies, brokers and tour operators.

Business Communication and Culture
The Business Communication and Culture course is designed to prepare students for handling cultural differences in communication and management practices in the hospitality and tourism sector especially when dealing with international guests and clients and a multicultural staff. The course emphasizes business etiquette, intercultural communication, non-verbal communication, interpersonal skills and effective management strategies. 3 Credits | View Syllabus

Event Planning
This course examines the roles events play in hospitality, tourism, business, and the larger society. Keys to producing a range of successful events including meetings, banquets, trade shows/exhibits, conferences, festivals, and sport competitions are presented. The course involves a combination of formal lecture, e-learning, problem solving, and class discussions - placing particular emphasis on student participation. Course topics covered include event planning stages, event (sub) contracts and procurement, audience research, marketing, logistics, risk management and security, and evaluation. Students will gain event-planning skills through a case study project. Event planning is designed to explore staged attractions from a hospitality/tourism strategic planning/marketing perspective. Throughout this course, students will be exposed to event production strategies for tourism/hospitality and their impacts on event stakeholders. Students will examine specific events and analyze them for costs-benefits, host-guest interactions, image and legacy, environmental, political, economic, and socio-cultural impacts, as applicable. 3 Credits | View Syllabus

Food and Beverage Operations
The Food & Beverage Operations course is designed to introduce students to the basic operations in F&B services especially cafeterias, buffets, banquets, catering, wines, wine & food pairing with an emphasis on quality and the Mallorcan experience. As such the course will have a local perspective emphasizing the successful F&B operations in Mallorca including visits to hotels, restaurants, bars and wine cellars on the island. 3 Credits | View Syllabus

Spanish for Tourism Industry
The Spanish for Tourism course is designed to prepare students for handling cultural communication in Spanish in various contexts of the Tourism profession. The course emphasizes oral interaction, business etiquette, intercultural communication, knowledge of professional and formal registers, interpersonal skills and effective management strategies. 3 Credits | View Syllabus

Practice and Issues in Hospitality and Tourism Management
Capstone course that provides a platform for student professional practice in and examination of management issues in the hospitality and tourism industry. Features supervised professional practice in hospitality and tourism management up to a total of 220 hours. 3 Credits | View Syllabus