Courses | Pre-Health Semester in London

In addition to the required Arcadia core course (4 Credits), you can choose one elective from Arcadia's London Now program (4 Credits) and participate in two science courses, taken at Queen Mary University of London. An optional preparatory course for the American Medical College Admissions Test (MCAT) is included, along with an opportunity to take the MCATs in London.

Core Course

Medicine in the UK: Medieval Mysticism to Modern Socialized Medicine (4 Credits)
To understand how healthcare is delivered and healthcare systems are developed, you must examine the political, economic, and cultural context during the times the policy was developed. This course offers a survey into the history of medicine in the UK from medieval times through the establishment of socialized medical system. Students will be asked to reflect on the how urbanization, scientific advancements and public health initiatives, contributed to the development of a government funded health service. Students will analyze the socioeconomic factors at play during critical times of healthcare advancement. Students will compare socialized medicine to privatized medicine and investigate the social, political, and economic factors associated with each system. Students will investigate current “hot topics” associated with public health and public policy as it relates to changes in the National Health System. View Syllabus 

Arcadia London Now Electives

Anthropology/Religion  Art History/Art 
Business  Creative Writing 
Drama and Theatre  Film and Media Studies 
History  Journalism 
Literature  Political Science 
Sociology  Urban and Architectural Studies 

Queen Mary University of London Courses

Semester 1 (Fall) Course Offerings

Semester 2 (Spring) Course Offerings

Other courses may be available upon request. For additional courses, please visit the Queen Mary University of London Book of Modules. Course availability is subject to QML approval; please contact Anna West, your Program Manager, at 1-866-927-2234, or email