Research Projects at Royal Veterinary College, University of London, England

For questions related to the list of Research Projects at Royal Veterinary College, University of London, please contact Dr. Jessie Guinn, Assistant Academic Dean of STEM.


Project Title

Cell Biology Role of FSTL3 and TGFb signalling in animals and in cellular physiology.
Cell Biology Characterisation of canine mesenchymal stem cells and adult cardiac stem cells.
Cell Biology EAR-2: a novel vascular endothelial cell nuclear receptor.
Cell Biology The role of Snail2 and Rho F in formation of inavadopodia in osteosarcoma cells.
Cell Biology Mitochondrial Pathways as Novel Ways to Target and Treat Mammalian Mammary Cancer.
Cell Biology The role of Akt signalling in drug resistance in osteosarcoma.
Cell Biology / Physiology Anti-inflammatory effects of C-type natriuretic peptide (CNP) on astrocytes and vascular endothelium at the blood brain barrier.
Cell Biology / Physiology Evaluation of the anti-diabetic potential of traditional West African remedies
Cell Biology / Molecular Biology Modelling hepatic encephalopathy in vitro: investigating new therapies to treat congenital liver disorders in cats and dogs
Developmental Biology Are microglia (brain macrophages) defective in DNA degradation in the lysosomal storage disorder CLN2 disease?
Developmental Biology Does activation of quiescent satellite cells reduce the stem cell pool in ageing skeletal muscle?
Is Sulf1/Sulf2 activation a good marker of breast cancer prognosis?
Immunology Do probiotics fed to fish alter the outcome of bacterial infection?
Immunology / Molecular Biology Roles of miRNAs in T helper cell development.
Molecular Biology Engineering eukaryotic cells as protein production factories
Molecular Biology Refining RNA extraction from fresh milk samples
Physiology Determining the role of tumour-derived ATP in the bone loss associated with skeletal metastases.
Physiology Basement membrane composition in the muscle and nerve of a mouse model for muscular dystrophy.
Physiology The pathophysiological consequences of dystrophin restoration through antisense mediated exon-skipping in the mdx mouse.
Reproductive Biology A comparison of bovine uterine infection with the in vitro inflammatory model at genomics and pathway levels