Information for Parents

Study Abroad Information for Parents


  • Your son or daughter will have a guaranteed place to live while studying abroad with Arcadia, and it will be safe, clean, and comfortable.

  • Arcadia has six decades of history in the field of study abroad, with a great deal of experience arranging for suitable student accommodation.

  • Depending upon program choice, students may live with other Arcadia study abroad students, host country students, or with a local family.

  • Housing is guaranteed for all our program students and is included in the program fee.


As a brief overview, student housing comes in many different varieties. Just as the décor of no two houses on a street is alike, student housing can be very unique and can reflect local living standards to a degree which is unfamiliar to American undergraduates.

It may be smaller, older, or have fewer facilities than comparable housing in the United States. On the other hand, it may be state-of-the-art, with many available amenities. While it is not possible to ensure uniformity, we encourage students to embrace any differences as part of the experience.

One component that all of the facilities share is a basic level of comfort, adequate furnishings,  and a reasonable commuting proximity to classes. Students may need to walk or take a bus or subway to get to class, but they will know this well in advance with the information provided to them prior to departure. They may need to pitch in with helping to keep common areas clean, though most accommodation has cleaning service on at least a weekly basis. 



Meals are not included in the published program fee, so many of our students become culinary experts once overseas, learning to budget, shop and prepare meals just like their host-country counterparts. In circumstances when a meal plan is available, or if it is required as a component of assigned housing, you will be billed for this additional fee once your son or daughter arrives overseas.



Depending on the program, students may live in university accommodation; in shared flats or apartments arranged for by Arcadia or by the program; with a host family, or, in some cases,  independently, if they have made suitable arrangements well in advance of departure.

Since we are working in numerous countries, housing varies with regard to size, character, amenities and proximity to study site.  The housing will always be to the standard to which host country students are accustomed, and possibly will be of even better quality than host-country student housing.



It is important to remember that, while your son or daughter may not have access to identical housing or amenities as they do on the home campus, it is part of the growth and adaptation experience of study abroad to learn to live as host country students do. We want to reassure you also that, if there are any concerns with living arrangements once students arrive overseas, our in-country staff is ready to assist in any way possible.


Specific Information

Your son’s or daughter’s program manager will provide very specific information about what you can expect from a particular program’s accommodations. Sometimes there are choices which need to be made before departure. Sometimes there is only one option. The specific information will explain all of this in detail: it will outline what students need to bring, what will be provided for them, and what they can expect from their housing assignment. We regret that we cannot honor specific roommate requests or specific room requests in advance.

If your son or daughter plans to arrange for their own housing prior to arrival, please make sure that you notify the program manager to make the necessary arrangements.