STEM Study Abroad Programs

Program Opportunities

We are especially interested in guiding STEM majors toward programs with the following features:

Strong curriculum
  • STEM students often have their sights set on ambitious goals after graduation - including graduate school, medical school, board accreditation in their field, and competitive careers in industry, among others. As a result, a strong curriculum is critical to keeping students on the path toward their goals. We use national and international rankings as well as accreditation by certain groups (for instance, the Washington Accord for Engineers, which has a mutual recognition agreement with ABET) as our standards for selecting host institutions that are suitable for STEM majors. We also focus on coursework in which English is the language of instruction.
Course content available to keep students in line with their graduation timetable
  • We understand how stringent and structured the graduation requirements are for students in many STEM fields. That means even some excellent courses offered abroad are not great fits for students' curricular sequencing. We work with partner institutions to identify course offerings that feature components aligned with students' curricular needs during their time abroad, so that they remain on track for timely graduation.
Hands-on skills development opportunities
  • We understand that STEM students need to develop deep knowledge of the theories of their disciplines, but also increasingly sophisticated skills sets. We seek opportunities for students to participate in lab and other applied settings, where they can develop those skills.
Resume-building experiences
  • We recognize STEM students' need to cultivate resume-worthy experiences. As a result, we steer students toward activities that will help them to set themselves apart from their peers. The Co-curricular Learning Certificate (CLC) program is one example of an arena where a STEM student could shine, by undertaking a project, communicating what they learned through their experience, and earning the Certificate for their efforts. Our staff are available to help students design CLC projects that are related to their field of study, that expose students to interesting nuances in their host cultures, or that otherwise suit the individual student's learning goals.

For students seeking STEM coursework abroad who are not STEM majors, the options we may suggest are far greater - with a focus on the language of instruction being English and the content being suitable to a non-major.


Listed below are a few of the program opportunities available through Arcadia in STEM fields.