STEM Summer Research Program

Spelman College students discuss their Summer Research experience in London.

Explore your field of research in-depth while abroad

Exciting personal research projects… academically challenging work… rewarding cultural experiences… STEM research abroad has never been more exciting or achievable.

  • Choose from a range of academic research opportunities across Europe for a wide variety of STEM discipline fields:
    • Biomedical Sciences
    • Physics
    • Chemistry
    • Math
    • Environmental Science
    • Computer Science
  • Combine rigorous academic research experiences with living and studying in another country with a distinct culture and heritage.

  • Work under the direction of a research mentor and present your research before returning home.

  • Collaborate with top researchers in your field and define the directions of your own research project.

  • Experience in-depth study abroad – something that is ideal preparation for undergraduates considering graduate research programs.


Granada Summer Research students from Spelman College talk about their experience with Arcadia's program.

Summer Research programs abroad will challenge your academic knowledge and critical thinking skills while opening up a whole world of cultural, societal and historic experiences to you. Choose from a variety of summer research programs available through Arcadia and our international partner institutions in England, Spain, Italy and Scotland. Whatever your research interest, we will help you find the program that best fits your needs.

Research experiences at The College of Global Studies allow students to participate actively in the research environment. Over the course of the summer students will participate as active members of a research group, develop research goals, and build an experimental strategy to achieve their goals.

Through this experience students will explore hypothesis driven research, investigate the role of literature exploration in the development of the research hypothesis and research plan, learn to work collaboratively with other group members, and present and write about their research in an intelligent thought provoking manner.

Royal Veterinary College Biomedical Sciences with the Royal Veterinary College - London, England
(6 weeks, 4 research credits)

The prestigious Royal Veterinary College (RVC) offers a special research opportunity during the summer session for study abroad students.

Research projects focus on the biomedical sciences with projects in biomechanics, cardiovascular sciences, cell biology, developmental biology, genetics, immunology, molecular biology, parasitology, pharmacology, physiology, reproductive immunology, and welfare. Dedicated projects for students may include: Cardiovascular Biology; Cell & Molecular Biology; Developmental Biology; Molecular & Microbiology; Orthopedic Imaging; Parasitology; and Reproduction.

In addition, students will take part in many cultural excursions planned by Arcadia London Center staff. These experiences, which could include day trips to Buckingham Palace; Royal Botanical Gardens, Kew; and attendance at a cricket match, are designed to immerse students in the heritage of their host country in different ways and to gain an understanding of the people, place and traditions that have shaped and continue to shape the society.

View Course Information | Topic and Project Examples

CEAMAEnvironmental Sciences, Physics & Math with CEAMA - Granada, Spain
(8 weeks, 10 credits - 4 research / 6 language)

The Andalusian Center for Environmental Research offers a research program focused on studies into the Physics of the Atmosphere. Projects in this field are ideal for physics, math, and environmental science students. As a student working on projects with this group, you will conduct research in English. In addition to an intensive research experience (4 credits), you will take Spanish (6 credits) at the Centre of Modern Languages during your time in Granada. To prepare for this experience you will speak with your research mentor before arriving in Spain to begin working on your proposal. Full project descriptions are available upon request.

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Mediterreanean Center for Arts and SciencesComputer Science with Arcadia in Sicily, Siracusa, Italy
(6 weeks, 5 credits - 4 research / 1 language)

As a student focused on computer science, you will actively engage in the development of computational applications used at archaeological dig sites in Sicily. Under the direction of Arcadia Sicily Center faculty member Dr. Davide Tanasi, you will develop the applications and exhibit their practicality. This program is six weeks long and combines research with real life applications. In addition to the research course (4 credits), you will also take an Italian language course (1 credits). The full course proposal for the Digital Archeology program is available upon request. A sample of digital reconstruction can be viewed here.

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University of GlasgowBiology, Physics, Chemistry & Math with The University of Glasgow - Glasgow, Scotland
(6 weeks, 4 research credits)

Consistently ranked among the UK's top universities, The University of Glasgow offers a variety of research projects to engage study abroad students in a way that prepares them to participate in addressing the global needs of the 21st century.

This research program offers an impressive array of topics ranging from numerical modeling to the synthesis of molecular compounds and laser stabilization. Specific research projects are available in Pure and Applied Mathematics/Statistics, Chemistry, Physics, and Biology.

Participants will engage in faculty supervised, hands-on research projects with results that will culminate in the preparation of a research paper. Faculty mentors will work closely with the students to direct their continued growth and knowledge development in the chosen research topic discipline.

The Arcadia Scotland Center staff has planned additional cultural excursions including attendance at the Commonwealth Games in Glasgow and weekend excursions to local castles. These experiences are designed to enhance student understanding of Scottish culture and strengthen their understanding of their host country, its people, and its traditions.

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Talk to your Faculty Advisor about the academic framework:

  • In collaboration with a primary investigator, you will be assigned a research project in your selected field of interest, and guided in the development of a research proposal.

  • Your proposal will include a research hypothesis, research goals, and an experimental strategy to test the hypothesis and achieve the goals.

  • You will participate as an active member of a research group/team, and you will be assigned a member of the research group to act as your mentor in the day-to-day research process.

  • You will spend 180-240 hours on research and research-related activities.

  • You will need to master general and specialized scientific techniques and you must show initiative to complete work independently.

  • You need to be self-motivated and to approach your research mentor and primary investigator regularly for guidance; weekly meetings are suggested to monitor progress.

  • You will participate in all aspects of the research group and present your research plan and data to the group during the program.

  • Your research paper needs to be written in a style appropriate for publication in a peer-reviewed journal in the specific field. We will give you a template of that journal style and you will work with your mentor to prepare an academic paper. This will give you an understanding of the process required to create publication-quality manuscripts.

  • Finally, you will present your work to academic staff, along with the resident director, and faculty. The research presentation and manuscript will be evaluated and graded as part of the course.


Methods of Evaluation

Research Performance
Safety, effort, skill development, and data analysis (10%)

Attitude and participation (10%)

Research Notebook
Completeness of laboratory notebook and associated data (10%)

Familiarity with project related literature (10%)

Research Understanding
A deep knowledge of the purpose and meaning of the performed research (10%)

Final research paper
Clarity of thought, quality of writing, and ability to craft a clear argument (40%)

Oral presentation
Crafting an audience-appropriate presentation and displaying strong presentation skills (10%)



To view more detailed information on the Housing options available for each program, please select the location you are interested in from the list below.

London, England
Arcadia University Housing is provided to students studying abroad in London. Learn more.

Granada, Spain
Students studying abroad in Granada are housed in an apartment with international roommates. Learn more.

Sicily, Siracusa, Italy
Student apartments are available to those studying abroad in Sicily, through Arcadia in Sicily. Learn more.

Glasgow, Scotland
Students studying in Glasgow live in self-catered halls. Learn more.


Admission Requirements

GPA Requirements: 3.0 or better on a 4.0 scale.

You must be in good academic standing and not on disciplinary probation. You need to submit a complete application including a transcript, letter of recommendation and an advisor's form before your application will be considered. Additionally, you must be academically prepared through particular courses to succeed in this type of lab research. The necessary prerequisites vary by lab, and Arcadia will take care, in partnership with you and your faculty advisors, to ensure that you are placed in labs appropriate to your academic background.


Application Deadline

March 1



Our staff will work with you and your academic advisors/professors to find the best program fit for you.

Liv Rothfuss and Shannon Peak are the Enrollment Counselors who will guide you through the application process and explain the practicalities of your program, including getting there, getting around and preparing for your student life abroad.

If you are interested in learning more about one of these programs, please fill out this form and you will be connected with Liv or Shannon.