Study Abroad in Spain

"Studying abroad through Arcadia University in Mallorca, Spain was one of the most amazing experiences of my life."
- Renee Williams, LaSalle University student
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  • Spain’s rich cultural and historical heritage make it consistently one of the most popular destinations for study abroad. Its people are warm and friendly and understandably proud of Spain’s beautiful landscapes and environmental diversity.

  • Arcadia offers a range of programs for semester, summer or academic year study in Spain in several distinctive settings:

    • Barcelona - The Arcadia Center for Catalan, Spanish & Mediterranean Studies in Barcelona, lies at the heart of Catalonia on the Mediterranean coast, offering a wide variety of courses taught in English and Spanish.

    • Granada – This southern city is home to The Arcadia University Center for Contemporary Studies, offering semester and summer programs and internships – with a particular focus on exceptional Environmental Science courses and Spanish language and culture.

    • Mallorca – Semester Internship program focusing on the island’s high-end tourism and hospitality business, catering to the international elite; Summer program focusing on Spanish language, business, literature and culture.

    • Toledo – This remarkable city is only a half-hour from Madrid, and offers a variety of programs for semester and academic year, including internships, offered through Arcadia partner institutions.
  • All semester students can take part in a special excursion to Morocco.

  • The Arcadia Commitment to study abroad means that all of our program staff are involved with helping you make the most of your study abroad experience.