Study Abroad at Italy's Umbra Institute with Arcadia

Study Abroad with the Umbra Academic Internship

  • The Umbra Institute is located in the heart of Perugia, in the 15th century Palazzo degli Oddi.

  • Study abroad with the Umbra Academic Internship broadens students’ cultural perspectives as a way of developing intercultural awareness and sensitivity.

  • This program will allow students to see their own communities and society from a more comparative, global perspective.

  • For more information, download the full course syllabus.


There are two main components to the course: one experiential (internship) and one reflective (seminar). The internship requires a commitment of approximately 4 hours per week and the seminar meets for 2 hours per week.

Students will partner with either a local high school or the Ranieri di Sorbello Foundation, a local family museum and cultural foundation. Students who are placed with a school will be required to enroll in Human Development in Culture (PYHD 430). For those who have already taken a Human or Child Development course at their home institution, they should enroll in Contemporary Italian Culture and Society (SOIT 361). Students who are working with the Ranieri Foundation will be asked to choose an art history course (AHST 310, 370 or 371).

Learning Objectives

By the end of the course, students will have acquired:

  • A heightened intercultural awareness and communication competency
  • An appreciation for how the community partner, as part of the host culture, conveys an identity and sense of place
  • A body of disciplinary knowledge and theory with which to interpret and analyze the internship experience UMBR INIT 350
  • The opportunity to integrate theory with practice and thereby develop critical thinking skills
  • The ability to synthesize learning in a final exercise and render an informed evaluation


For more information, call Francisco Guiller, your Program Manager, at 1-866-927-2234, or email