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Students learning at the English Language Institute

Intensive English Program

The English Language Institute (ELI) offers full-time and part-time intensive English as a Second Language (ESL) instruction. Full-time students attend classes 18-20 hours a week.

At the two Beginning levels (096 and 097), students learn speaking, listening, reading and writing, and grammar in an integrated skills environment. They engage in conversations, read for everyday purposes, and write sentences and brief, descriptive paragraphs.

The two Intermediate levels (098 and 099) address both social and academic uses of English. Students learn to communicate in the classroom and in the community while developing reading and listening strategies, increasing vocabulary, developing grammatical knowledge, and learning about life in the United States. They participate in social conversations and college-level classroom discussions, read popular and academic materials, give oral presentations, and write personal and academic essays.

The advanced level (100) is for students who are preparing to attend college in the U.S. Students learn to write essays, listen to and engage in formal and informal conversations on academic content, read academic content critically, and give oral presentations. Students taking advanced level courses may be eligible to receive undergraduate University credit, contingent on approval from the program director. Students at this level may also be eligible to pay for and take an Arcadia course in their fields of study at the University credit-hour rate, contingent on approval from the program director.

At all levels, free elective sessions are available to full-time students. These elective sessions vary by semester and provide more focused practice in such skills areas as pronunciation, grammar, reading and study skills, idioms and vocabulary, TOEFL preparation, business English, or other language-related topics of student interest.

Outside the classroom environment, students also have numerous opportunities to practice English and experience the culture through the Conversation Partners Program and through trips and social activities sponsored by the ELI.

Sample Weekly Class Schedule

Morning Class 1 Morning Class 1 Morning Class 1 Morning Class 1  
Morning Class 2 Morning Class 2 Morning Class 2 Morning Class 2 Elective C
Lunch Lunch Lunch Lunch Lunch
Afternoon Class 1 Afternoon Class 1 Afternoon Class 1 Afternoon Class 1 Optional Social Activities
Elective A Elective B Elective A Elective B  

Conditional Admissions Program

Students who apply to other departmental programs at Arcadia University with TOEFL scores below University standards for admissions (undergraduate: 71 iBT; graduate: 80 iBT) may be required to successfully complete classes within the intensive English program before taking classes at the university. Students who successfully complete the program with passing grades and who pass a final qualifying examination receive an ELI certificate of completion and then may be eligible for full admissions into a graduate or undergraduate program, contingent upon approval from the program director.

Bridge Programs

Students who are planning to apply to graduate and undergraduate programs (Bridge 1) or who have already been admitted into such programs (Bridge 2) may require continued English language support. These students take one or two classes at the ELI that focus on specific academic language skills such as academic writing, oral presentations, or academic reading.

Special Programs

The ELI offers specially designed, short-term programs (usually in the summer) that are tailored to specific student needs and interests. These students are usually sponsored by local or overseas institutions, companies, and organizations that have an agreement with Arcadia University.


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