On-Line Personality and Career Assessments

Please be aware that these assessment exercises are helpful tools but are not predictors of employment success. Be sure to meet with a career adviser to discuss your career interests.


The FOCUS online self-exploration assessment provides students with a profile of their interests, skills, values, personality, educational and leisure preferences using nationally recognized reliable and valid instruments. Students can then go on to explore careers that match their profiles and about expected earnings at the national and state level, job outlook, duties, educational requirements, courses, degrees and certificates required, skills needed, specific working conditions and more! FOCUS gives students the tools needed to help them narrow down their options and solidify their plans.

To access Focus: https://www.FocusCareer2.com/Portal/Login.cfm?SID=318. Create a new account. Enter the access code: knights. Contact Office of Career Education (OCE) for detailed instructions.

Additional Career Planning Resources 

Career Inventory Helps you to choose a career field best suited to your interests.  A Career Directions Inventory provides information on career and academic paths that you'd most enjoy, and links to other resources.  It's free, but they'll offer you an expanded report for a nominal cost.

Princeton Review Career Quiz A 24-item quiz, based on the Birkman Method, will lead you to a list of possible careers & information about them. While you must register with name & email, the test is free.

Keirsey Temperament and Character Sorter 70-item questionnaire; feedback on personality type and suitable jobs.

Self Employment Screen Check your entrepreneurial potential. Use the password EARLY. (Sponsored by Northwestern Mutual Financial Network, who may want to contact you if you score high on the survey.)

Personality Type Jung Typology Test relates personality type to appropriate career choices.

For additional resources that require interpretation by a Career Counselor, contact the Office of Career Education for an appointment at careerhelp@arcadia.edu or 215-572-2939.

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