Requirements for the Minor in Anthropology

(18–20 credits as listed below)

Students will be required to take (for 11-12 credits) AN 120 Cultural Anthropology or AN 150 The Family as an introductory level course. Then students are required to take AN 230 Reading Ethnography and AN 370 Anthropological Theory to complete the minor core curriculum. Furthermore students must choose at least two Anthropology topic courses among those listed. No more than two courses can jointly fulfill the requirements for the Sociology major or minor and the Anthropology minor. A minimum of eight courses must be taken to receive a double minor in Sociology and Anthropology.

Common Curriculum

Required (11-12 credits)

  • AN 120 Cultural Anthropology
    Or AN 150 The Family
  • AN 230 Reading Ethnography
  • AN 370 Anthropological Theory


Topics (At least two of the following) (7–8 credits)

  • AN 220 Social Issues
  • AN 240 Ethnographic Film
  • AN 250 Ethnographic Methods
  • AN 262 Myth, Magic and Religion
  • AN 272 Cultures, Conflict and Power
  • AN 285 Aesthetics
  • AN 320 Ritual to Theater
  • AN 361 Social Change: Globalization and Culture
  • PS 225 Politics of the Developing World
  • SO 286 Health and Human Rights
  • IS 320 Global Poverty and Inequality

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