Bachelor of Arts in Art with a Concentration in Art History

This concentration prepares students for graduate study in art history or for entry-level positions in a number of art-related areas, including gallery and museum work. Special attention is given to the relationship of art to other humanistic disciplines, as well as to a deeper understanding of art itself and the role it plays in communities and personal lives. Studio courses are included as sound preparation in creative procedures. Courses related to the historic, philosophic, religious and social backgrounds for art are recommended, along with a strong command of one or more foreign languages. Students are strongly encouraged to obtain a museum internship from one of the many museums in the Philadelphia area.


(55–56 credits as listed below, with Undergraduate Curriculum requirements and electives to total 128 credits) 

1. Ten courses in Art History

  • AH 111 Renaissance to Modern Art
  • AH 112 Egyptian to Medieval Art
  • AH 221 History of Modern Architecture
  • AH 222 Renaissance Art
  • AH 224 Baroque Art
  • AH 225 19th Century Art
  • AH 326 Seminar: 1900–1950
  • AH 328 Seminar: Contemporary Art
  • AH 385 Studies in the History of Art or AH 387 Internship in Art History
  • AH 490 Senior Thesis

2. Two courses in Art and Design

  • FA 102 Studio Art Foundations or FA 104  Drawing I
  • FA 103 Studio Art Foundations II

3. Three Studio courses, covering at least two areas, from the following:

  • Ceramics
  • Graphic Design
  • Interior Design
  • Metals and Jewelry
  • Painting
  • Photography
  • Printing

4. Recommended

  • CM 150 Introduction to Film
  • HS 101 Ancient Civilization
  • HS 102 Medieval Civilization

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